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Snake Bytes 4/23: Tuffy Homers

Brandon McCarthy surrendered only one earned run through five innings and Tuffy Gosewisch hit his first career home run. Unfortunately for the Diamondbacks, the performances were not enough to avoid a 9-2 loss to the Cubs in Chicago on Tuesday night.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Quick Quotes

"I've been on a few bad teams, but (the frustration) usually was spaced out with some positivity and some rays of hope. This is just a different animal right now. Everybody has their answers and I don't know what the right one is. Everybody's looking and searching and doing everything they can do, but it just keeps happening and happening."

-Brandon McCarthy

"Talk is really cheap at this point. We need some performances on the field. We've had probably more team meetings and people saying stuff more than I've ever been a part of, which is all great, but we need some guys to step up and have some big days and try to get it rolling in the right direction. Everybody's always got something really good to say, but the only thing that matters right now is performance on the field. We're not getting it. The words are there, the spirit has been there, but it's definitely getting tougher each day we do this."

-Eric Chavez

"There's not even an opponent in the other dugout, to be honest with you. We're battling ourselves. Regardless of who we're playing, we've got to play better. We've kind of used up all the words in our vocabulary in our meetings, but performance is all that counts at this point. Even teams that I've lost on, we've been competitive. We haven't even been competitive this year. It's been tough. I've never seen anything like it."

-Eric Chavez

Daily Digest

Diamondbacks Fall Again, Tuffy Hits First Career Homer

Another big inning, this one the 5th led to another Diamondback loss as four unearned runs came around to score en route to a 9-2 Chicago victory at Wrigley Field.

Owings Stands Out Among Prospect Rookies

In a season thus far marked by early disappointment, the Diamondbacks' rookie short stop is turning in a solid performance that has him keeping some elite company.

Is Sydney to Blame?

Doug Franz floats a theory about how Sydney could indeed be partly to blame for Arizona's struggles.

The Diamondbacks by the Numbers

A sobering look at some of the numbers relevant to last night's loss.

Kirk Gibson, "I should be held accountable."(audio available)

Diamondbacks' Manager Kirk Gibson gave an interview in which he acknowledged that if things don't turn around, changes will be necessary.

Do the Diamondbacks Need Clubhouse Leaders? (Audio Link)

Kevin Towers seems to think that the leaders are there, hopes they step up soon.

Around MLB

Albert Pujols Hits 500th Home Run

Entering the night with 498 home runs, Pujols clubbed a pair in Tuesday's game against the Washington Nationals to become the 26th player in history to reach the milestone.

Ivan Nova Has Partially Torn UCL

Paging Dr. James Andrew - again. Yankees' hurler Ivan Nova is expected to be the 15th pitcher to get the now infamous Tommy John surgery this season.

Cliff Lee: He's Still Kind-of Good

Since 2008, the Phillies' left-hander has put himself head-and-shoulders above the rest of the pitchers in the majors.

Video Highlights

Tuffy Gosewisch

The farthest he has ever had to run during a game. I'm pretty sure he wouldn't mind having to do it a few more times.

Albert Pujols

This guy has hit a few more than Tuffy.

Coco Crisp

Crisp takes an unorthodox route to make a great play.