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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 3

Three weeks in, and it's close at the top with less than two points covering the top four. Things are equally close at the bottom, where two points cover sixth and thirteenth places.

Fantasy pitcher of the week was Lancy Lynn, who had two wins and 16 strikeouts
Fantasy pitcher of the week was Lancy Lynn, who had two wins and 16 strikeouts
Mike McGinnis

Week 3 results

AZ SnakePit 6, MyWieterGetzLongoria 3
Snake got their first win of the season, sweeping offense behind three HR from Gattis and ten RBI from Stanton. Wieter edged pitching, taking WHIP by 1.321 to 1.323, getting three Sv from Hawkins and 13 K by Zimmermann. AZ got a Win and nine strikeouts by Lester to hold on for victory.

Gregorius B.I.G. 7, Sofa King Juiced 3
Gregorius moved up to fourth place, their standout performers being on the mound, where Bailey had a W and 17 K's, while Jansen saved three games; Myers homered twice. Sofa's once-proud pitching couldn't manage a single Win or Save this week, though Santiago fanned 10.

Mizzoula Osprey 3, Angry Saguaro 6
The televised contest this week went to the Saguaro, who inflicted the first defeat on the reigning champions. It was close in pitching (Saguaro took Sv by one, and ERA by .02); Wainwright had a W, eight K's and a zero ERA for them, while Peavy fanned 13 for Mizzoula. Uggla (Saguaro) was the only player with two HR.

Trumboner 0, Space Wizard 9
The biggest blowout of the season to date gave Space their debut W, and they came within one W of a whitewash. Two homers and six driven in led the Wizard offense, while Pitcher of the Week Lynn (two W, 16 K) and Street (three Sv) dominated the mound. Ventura had a W + 13 K for Trumboner.

Waffles 3, The Rusty Trumbones 6
The Trumbones took all five hitting points behind Pujols (three HR, seven RBI) with support from Kinsler (seven RBI), and that was enough to decide this one. Waffles made a game of it in pitching, with 13 K's by Lee, while Cishek notched a Win and a Save, but came up short.

CGS 4, Got Grittiness? 6
Got edged both hitting and pitching by the same 3-2 margin, to notch their opening victory of 2014. CGS pitched well, with a collective 1.53 ERA, led by Cueto's W + 12 K, but dropped the counting categories. Cain had 8 K and a zero ERA for Grittiness, with Cespedes homering twice.

Trail-Hitters 6, Alabama Slammers 4
Trail remain one of two undefeated sides, and in a tie for second, thanks largely to strong pitching from Shields (W + 12 K) and Rodriguez (three Saves). Alabama got a W + 16 K from Chavez, and Hitter of the Week Braun had three HR and seven R, but they lost BA by .000016, and with it, the game.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1 Angry Saguaro 19-9-2 .667 - 6-3-1 10 7
2 Trail-Hitters 18-9-3 .650 0.5 6-4-0 14 12
3 Mizzoula Osprey 19-10-1 .650 0.5 3-6-1 3 8
4 Gregorius B.I.G. 17-10-3 .617 1.5 7-3-0 11 3
5 Space Wizard 14-13-3 .517 4.5 9-0-1 7 -
6 Alabama Slammers 14-15-1 .483 5.5 4-6-0 9 10
7 Trumboner 12-14-4 .467 6 0-9-1 5 7
8 The Rusty Trumbones 12-15-3 .450 6.5 6-3-1 8 6
9 Waffles 12-15-3 .450 6.5 3-6-1 12 6
10 CGS 12-16-2 .433 7 4-6-0 1 3
11 AZ SnakePit 11-16-3 .417 7.5 6-3-1 4 3
12 MyWieterGetzLongoria 11-16-3 .417 7.5 3-6-1 2 3
13 Sofa King Juiced 12-17-1 .417 7.5 3-7-0 13 9
14 Got Grittiness? 10-18-2 .367 9 6-4-0 6 2
Week 4 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Mizzoula Osprey
Gregorius B.I.G. vs. MyWieterGetzLongoria
Sofa King Juiced vs. Alabama Slammers
Trumboner vs. Angry Saguaro
Waffles vs. Space Wizard
CGS vs. The Rusty Trumbones
Trail-Hitters vs. Got Grittiness?

There's only one game this week where two teams in the top half of the table face off, so we see new leaders Angry Saguaro for a second straight week in the ESPN televised game, taking on seventh-placed Trumboner. After avoiding defeat in the first two rounds,.the latter's world imploded, and they couldn't score a point against Space Wizard. They will need to do a lot better if they're to become the first team to beat the Saguaro.