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SnakeBytes, 4/2: W edition

We're not bottom in the NL West any more! And we also have more wins than the Yankees, Red Sox, Angels, Reds and Rockies COMBINED...

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Ralph Freso

[AP] Pollock, D-backs bounce back - "Good thing I made that play close at first," Pollock quipped. "It was all part of the master plan." Even Arizona manager Kirk Gibson seemed to think Pollock should have been called out. "It looked to me like it wasn't good for us," Gibson said, "but he called him safe." "He was out. I had him," Cain said. "I saw what Cooper saw. He saw that it looked like he went over the plate but he went through the top of my glove to go over it. `'

[] The D-backs scored a run after a call at first was upheld after a Giants challenge - "That's what you call a hang with 'em," Bochy said. "You can't do anything at that point because you've already lost your challenge. This is how the system works and you understand that. Would I have changed anything? No. You don't know whether you're going to get another call when you wish you could challenge."

[AZ Central] A.J. Pollock leads Diamondbacks over Giants - "I'm not a guy that really looks at the stats, but this park does a good job of displaying stats," Pollock said. "Everywhere I look, there's a stat. You get out and it drops, and in the whole park, numbers go down. It's a little hard." Eventually, he realized thinking something was off increased his likelihood of failure at the plate. "I think that's the problem: I was thinking there's something wrong," Pollock said. "There's nothing wrong. I watched my BPs, and everything's there. Sometimes you get a little too jumpy; some stuff kind of throws you off."

[ArizonaSports] Diamondbacks overcome Giants for first win of 2014 - "I kind of got them in swing mode. They were swinging early, and fortunately they were hitting it to our guys," said Miley (1-1), who after allowing four hits in the first frame did not surrender another hit until the seventh. "Just trying to get that first win," said Pollock, who had been held hitless through the first three games. His three-hit performance tied a career-high, done nine times previously.

[] D-backs rally behind Miley for first win of season - "I was kind of nibbling a little too much in the first inning and trying to make perfect pitches rather than just, 'Here it is,'" Miley said. "The guys answered right back. The offense did great job of kind of picking me back up. I knew if I just kind of held it right there then we'd have a chance to get back on top, and it worked out."

Team News

[AZ Central] Addison Reed & short memories; Wade Miley's night; & other stuff - "I'm glad that we had that save opportunity tonight because I wanted to get back out there as soon as I can," Reed said. "It's always bad when you do bad and have to wait four or five days to get back out there." After Posey launched a fastball off the left field façade on Monday night, Reed had a throng of reporters waiting around his locker. On Tuesday, there were two. He liked it better this way. "As a closer, anytime you have a lot of reporters around your locker, it's not a good thing," he said.

[ArizonaSports] For now, Goldschmidt, Trumbo to be separated in lineup - Says Gibson, "We're going to try to figure out what the most productive lineup can be. It could end up that way (with the two hitting back-to-back), but right now my plans are to try to have others on base in front of them. My basic thought is to try to get a couple of guys in front of Goldy that can get on and in front of Trumbo that can get on. And hopefully those guys will hit the ball out of the ballpark, and then we can score multiple runs."

[] AZ Diamondbacks -- MEGA-CORNDOG SALES EXPLODE ... On Opening Day - "We sold 300 D-Bat Dogs," Diamondbacks President and CEO Derrick Hall tells us ... "If the lines weren't so long, we probably would've sold more." For the record, that's 450-FEET of bacon wrapped, jalapeno and cheddar cheese stuffed deliciousness.

I guess some visiting fans never learn. And, apparently, neither do some beat writers

And, elsewhere

[AZ Central] Diamondbacks pitchers add to recent Tommy John surgery surge - There are some who believe more pitchers need the surgery a second time in the coming years. Cincinnati Reds medical director Dr. Timothy Kremchek says this simply because more surgeries are being done. "Rather than wait with these guys and try to rehab and rehab and rehab and wait months and months and months," Kremchek said, "I think teams now are realizing that if you have a little bit of a lesion there, fix it now, miss the season and come back next year."

[Businessweek] Fixing baseball's old-people problem with merchandise, highlights - Major League Baseball has the oldest fans of the four major U.S. professional sports. During the World Series last fall, according to data gathered by Sports Media Watch, roughly half of TV viewers were 55 or older—and only 6 percent were under the age of 18. For the whole of last season, the median age for viewers of nationally telecast baseball games on Fox (FOXA), ESPN (DIS), TBS (TWX), and the MLB Network was more than 54 years old.

[USA Today] No crying in baseball - salaries exploding "I'm not bothered about it at all," said Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick. "I think the idea of someone spending more money is fine. You can either spend money on your players or put it in your pocket. The players are deserving of their share of revenue... I'd just like it to be distributed a little more equitable than it is, and I would hope we can get to the point where the gap from top to bottom can be addressed. We need to recognize the disparity between top to bottom is dramatic, and over time that's not a positive thing for the sport."