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The Week In Diamondback Tweets

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Managed to extricate myself from the cesspool which is Twitter with the Dodgers in town, and put together some of the less knuckle-dragging Tweets about this past week in the world of the Diamondbacks.

Yep, this about sums it up.

As Ross put it: "I can't believe there's a twitter handle called @fart_robot. What has the world come to?"

Random thoughts of depression

Name and shame: bandwagon fan edition

Sensitive readers may care to skip the next Tweet. Harsh language.

Newsflash: if your fandom is entirely predicated on success, you weren't much of a fan to begin with.

The more you know...

The games in Diamondbacks Tweets

4/9: Diamondbacks 7, Giants 3

4/10: Diamondbacks 6, Giants 5

4/11: Diamondbacks 0, Dodgers 6

Stay classy, LA...

4/12: Diamondbacks 5, Dodgers 8

4/13: Diamondbacks 6, Dodgers 8

4/14: Diamondbacks 3, Mets 7

And, finally...