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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Week 2

Another round of games in the books. You won't be surprised to hear who was the Hitter of the Week: here's a clue, we saw too much of him over the weekend at Chase Field.

Christian Petersen
Week 2 Results

AZ SnakePit 4, Sofa King Juiced 6
Snake hit only .229, and couldn't stand against Hitter of the Week Gonzalez (four HR, 11 RBI), who powered Sofa to easy victory in most hitting categories. Things were closer on the mound, where Wacha picked up two Wins and 11 strikeouts for AZ; Balfour notched all three Sv for Sofa.

Gregorius B.I.G. 3, Alabama Slammers 6
The offensive points were split, two HR for B.I.G. through Freeman and Gonzalez being countered by three HR and 10 RBI from Braun for the Slammers. The latter pulled away in pitching, however, with a W and 11 K's for Cingrani, and 13 strikeouts by Cahill (albeit with an ugly 12.91 ERA!).

MyWieterGetzLongoria 3, Angry Saguaro 7
Rookies Saguaro continued their good start to the season, with another victory, this one driven by three home-runs and eight RBI from Ramirez, along with a pair of wins by Buehrle. Wieter got a W and 10 K's from Price, while Eaton scored 10 runs for them and hit .385 in a losing cause.

Mizzoula Osprey 8, Space Wizard 2
The Osprey's early statement: Want our title? You come through us. They notched another big win, sweeping hitting, with three HR for Donaldson and six RBI for Moss. But pitching wasn't great (1 W, 4.86 ERA), and Strasburg's W + 12 K for Space helped make the final score respectable.

Trumboner 4, The Rusty Trumbones 4
How appropriate: our two Trumbo-themed teams played to a tie, with SB and W ending even. As you'd expect, It was a slugfest, the sides combining for 26 HR: Zobrist, Alvarez (both Trumboner) and Pujols (Trumbones) had three each, with Upton (Trumbones) notching four, and eight RBI.

Waffles 6, Got Grittiness? 3
Abreu had four HR and eight RBI to lead Waffles' offense, who hit a collective .304; Beltran and Kipnis each homered twice, as did Lawrie and Bautista for Grittiness. Kazmir posted a W and 14 K for Got on the mound, but Waffles held on, behind a Win and 11 strikeouts by Gonzalez.

CGS 2, Trail-Hitters 6
CGS pitched well, with a 2.17 ERA and 0.86 WHIP: the problem is, they only have four active pitchers, with four now on the DL. They didn't win any other category: the Hitters got two W apiece from Pitcher of the Week Lohse, who had 13 K's and Perez, while Votto homered twice and scored five.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1 Mizzoula Osprey 16-4-0 .800 - 8-2-0 3 5
2 Trail-Hitters 12-5-3 .675 2.5 6-2-2 14 8
3 Angry Saguaro 13-6-1 .675 2.5 7-3-0 10 5
4 Trumboner 12-5-3 .675 2.5 4-4-2 5 5
5 Gregorius B.I.G. 10-7-3 .575 4.5 3-6-1 11 3
6 Alabama Slammers 10-9-1 .525 5.5 6-3-1 9 7
7 Waffles 9-9-2 .500 6 6-3-1 12 6
8 Sofa King Juiced 9-10-1 .475 6.5 6-4-0 13 8
9 MyWieterGetzLongoria 8-10-2 .450 7 3-7-0 2 3
10 CGS 8-10-2 .450 7 2-6-2 1 -
11 The Rusty Trumbones 6-12-2 .350 9 4-4-2 8 6
12 AZ SnakePit 5-13-2 .300 10 4-6-0 4 3
13 Space Wizard 5-13-2 .300 10 2-8-0 7 -
14 Got Grittiness? 4-14-2 .250 11 3-6-1 6 2
Week 3 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. MyWieterGetzLongoria
Gregorius B.I.G. vs. Sofa King Juiced
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Angry Saguaro
Trumboner vs. Space Wizard
Waffles vs. The Rusty Trumbones
CGS vs. Got Grittiness?
Trail-Hitters vs. Alabama Slammers

Now things have settled down, we can choose a game of the week for ESPN to televise, and the first contest sees first-placed Mizzoula take on 3rd-placed Angry. Both sides won in weeks 1 and 2, so something needs to give. Saguaro have been powered by Alexei Ramirez, who has been the #1 player in fantasy baseball thus far. The reigning champion Osprey's top player thus far is, surprisingly, Emilio Bonifacio, not drafted at all and was a free-agent pick-up.