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SnakeBytes 4/14: Spring Cleaning

After a surprising series win in San Francisco, the D-backs returned home and their pitching left them as they gave up a disappointing 19 runs in the 3 games against the Dodgers. The Mets come to town as Josh Collmenter gets his first start since 2012.

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Do you know how to pitch Goldy?
Do you know how to pitch Goldy?
Christian Petersen


It was just the walks that killed me. I made a mistake and Adrian has been swinging it good this year. I kind of got away from the game plan with him and left a pitch down and in and right in the sweet spot. It's tough. Our team is struggling and you want to be the guy. I've never struggled this bad and it just that much harder when it's the start of the year. I'm just trying not to think about it, I guess.

- Trevor Cahill

He played almost eight innings [Saturday], so we are getting fairly close. We are getting close, but at the same time we are just getting him into seven, eight and nine innings. I think he might play nine [Sunday].

- Kirk Gibson on Cody Ross' return

Daily Dbacks

Bats can't pick up Cahill |
What do the D-backs do with Cahill, a player owed close to $20 million through 2015? Here's something else to consider: He gave up five runs in his four-plus innings, but he also struck out eight hitters.

D-backs to celebrate life of Jackie Robinson |
April 15 is Jackie Robinson Day throughout Major League Baseball, and the D-backs will celebrate Robinson's life with a series of events when they play host to the Mets on Tuesday night.

Collmenter looks to give D-backs shot in the arm |
Both Zack Wheeler and Josh Collmenter will look to return to familiar form when the Mets take on the D-backs in the first game of the three-game series on Monday in Phoenix.

Miley sheds locks to join friend's cancer fight |
Arizona Diamondbacks left-hander Wade Miley arrived in the clubhouse on Sunday without his signature long hair, having gone bald to support a friend who begins chemotherapy Tuesday to follow up the removal of a malignant brain tumor.

Ross' return appears imminent |
Injured outfielder Cody Ross continues to make progress and could join the D-backs sometime next week, possibly in the series against the Mets that starts Monday.

Randall Delgado hopes for 'more miles' as reliever
Sunday's series finale against the Los Angeles Dodgers was the first day Randall Delgado was available to pitch in relief after being demoted from the starting rotation, and also the first day Delgado had to start thinking of himself as a reliever.

Around the MLB

Curt Schilling almost done with treatment

In Masahiro Tanaka, Yankees buy a ready-made ace |
The black SUVs stood idle on a street in Beverly Hills, inert as a steel Stonehenge, though not nearly as mysterious. Inside these cars waited some of baseball's most powerful decision makers. If ever one picture told the definitive story of how cherished frontline starting pitching has come to be, this was it: In January, teams lined up in America's leading neighborhood of $10 million homes to persuade a 25-year-old righthander, fresh off a flight from Japan and eating sushi on a couch inside one of the mansions, to take nine digits' worth of their money.

Fixing MLB's qualifying offer system | ESPN
It's the second week of April, and two of the best free-agent position players on what used to be the market are still unemployed.

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