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Your Saturday Sporcle: Hitting Streaks

In honor of Paul Goldschmidt's hitting streak, which ended at the second-longest ever by a Diamondbacks, we have a special bonus Sporcle. How many can you name of the other D-backs to have got a hit in more than a dozen consecutive games?

Cameron Spencer

Usual rules: last names only are fine. You get the start date and the length of the streak as a clue. Unfortunately, the embed feature on Sporcle seems to be broken at this point. I've got an email in to support, but for the moment, you will have to click this link to take you over to Sporcle and play the game there. My sympathies are with you during this difficult time. Don't forget to come back and report your scores. :) I got 33 of the 39; if you get the majority, you're doing pretty respectably, I think.

Bonus. A couple of weeks ago, I ran a Saturday Sporcle in which the challenge was to name all the players who appeared for the Diamondbacks in 2013. Figured we should revisit the results and see who was remembered and who wasn't...

Pos Name % Correct
1B Paul Goldschmidt 98.7%
C Miguel Montero 98.1%
RF Gerardo Parra 97.4%
3B Martin Prado 96.8%
2B Aaron Hill 96.2%
P Patrick Corbin 92.3%
CF A.J. Pollock 91.7%
P J.J. Putz 91.7%
SS Didi Gregorius 91%
P David Hernandez 88.5%
OF Adam Eaton 84.6%
MI Cliff Pennington 84%
P Trevor Cahill 82.7%
OF Cody Ross 81.4%
P Brandon McCarthy 80.1%
LF Jason Kubel 78.8%
P Wade Miley 78.8%
3B Eric Chavez 78.2%
P Brad Ziegler 78.2%
MI Chris Owings 77.6%
P Ian Kennedy 73.1%
P Heath Bell 71.8%
Pos Name % Correct
P Randall Delgado 71.2%
P Josh Collmenter 69.9%
3B Matt Davidson 69.2%
P Tyler Skaggs 61.5%
C Wil Nieves 59.6%
IF Willie Bloomquist 52.6%
P Joe Thatcher 48.7%
OF Alfredo Marte 48.1%
C Tuffy Gosewisch 48.1%
OF Tony Campana 47.4%
P Will Harris 43.6%
P Matt Reynolds 39.7%
P Zeke Spruill 35.9%
P Tony Sipp 35.3%
IF Eric Hinske 34%
P David Holmberg 33.3%
2B Josh Wilson 32.1%
P Eury De La Rosa 32.1%
P Charles Brewer 31.4%
P Joe Paterson 25.6%
P Chaz Roe 25%
P Matt Langwell 16%

And here are the overall results, broken down by number of correct answers.

Number % Answered
44 (all) 3.2%
39-43 12.2%
34-38 19.9%
29-33 15.4%
24-28 23.7%
19-23 10.9%
14-18 8.3%
9-13 2.6%
4-8 2.6%
1-3 1.3%