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Dodgers 6 D-backs 0 Beercap: A new kind of recap

Hope? No, no hope at all.

Christian Petersen

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the first Beer by Beer recap of a game.  Behold!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Beer #1: Black Marlin Ballast Point Brewing Co.

· Apparently a bad start (rode my bike to the bar) already down 2-0 and I just got my beer. Chipotle spiced stout, good times. Peppers can really work well with a beer, just so long as they compliment the beer and not overwhelm it.

· Pollock got on, that’s nice, but Hill promptly hit into what probably could have been a double play. Not sure what Ramirez was doing there.

· Lord Goldy approacheth, and then walketh away. Two outs in the bottom of the first. Sigh.

· Loud bar tonight, Fridays are hit-or-miss here, today it’s a hit. Great place this Papago, 30 taps and hundreds of bottles. I pray this is not the same game as yesterday.

· Prado is our last hope this inning. Huzzah, and fail.

· Second inning, things looking better for McCarthy. It’s sad to think our pitching really depends on him. Sigh. Almost a 1-2-3 inning.

· Monte does a thing! Hope? Death God Trumbo makes his way to the plate. Hope fades and Trumbo fails.

· Hill is the Kwisatz Haderach! One hell of a play to get the lead runner out! Just noticed that Puig has this neon yellow……thing around his neck.

· Ramirez apparently doesn’t feel like slowing down from last year. Takes away the double play option with a double.

· Two more runs cross the plate, our tire fire pitching situation marches on. Oh joy.  4-0


Not pictured:  Our Offense

Beer #2: Mongo IPA Port Brewing

· A yes, Mongo, just a pawn in the great game of life. Also a very good IPA by one of my favorite San Diego breweries. BIG citrus hop bite with a enough body to compliment the intense hopiness.

· Not a strong enough beer to help me forget this game thus far. Offense unable to do much against Ryu and out pitching is wobbly…….at best.

· On to the third. If the game keeps going like this I wont even have a chance to get a decent buzz.

· Gordon with a very humorous strikeout in the 4th frame. Swinging at a pitching so far inside that it might just have hit him if he let it go by. Ryu joins in on the fun almost spinning his way back to Korea.

· Still no offense, except for Monte who doesn’t seem to mind Ryu’s Street Fighter skills at all.

· McCarthy settling into a good routine?

· My friend bald Eric is engaging me in conversation on Lincoln the Vampire Hunter. Convinced it’s a film that had good potential. I’m not so sure.

· McCarthy has kicked his bad habbit of failing. Interesting…….

· Still no offense in the 6th. I’ll need more beer soon…..

· Bald-Eric and Snow-Board Eric now sit at my table, fun and distracting times ensue. This are the type of names locals earn at this fine establishment.

· In Dbacks baseball McCarthy solves you.  LA batters appear confounded compared to earlier this game.


Also not pictured:  Any Dbacks offense

Beer #3: Good JuJu Ginger spiced ale Left Hand Brewing

· Since this game has reached a wtf moment (when it comes to our offense) I thought to myself, "hmm a ginger spiced beers sounds good."

· Not a bad beer. Ginger flavor isn’t overwhelming, it’s truly a ginger beer, but with alcohol. Winning.

· 7th inning comes and goes and still no sign of our offense. 3 locals now inhabit my table. Puig’s neon neck rounds the bases to second. Madness

· Trumbo trumbums a hit, thus showing his fielding prowess. The trainwreck of a game goes on. McCarthy is mortal I guess.


00Beer might save us.......

SURPRISE BEER #4: Wake Up Dead Nitro Imperial Stout Left Hand Brewing

· Bald Eric’s and Greg’s kindness know no bounds. Free beer and a good one at that. Nitro (instead of CO2) keeps the imperial stout more creamy and covers up the booziness (10.5%) Awesome!

· Blessed free beer almost made me forget this trainwreck game. McCarthy got the hook, time to see if our legendary bullpen can un$^$# this situation. Luckily they do, but with a score of 6-0…..doesn’t matter.

· Yea. This game is over. More beer will be had.

· Small child holds up Beat LA sign upside down to the camera, oblivious to his error. Yeah, that’s how this game has gone.

Beer #5 Black Marlin…..again (because it’s awesome)

Yup, we lost.  Offense didn't show up and McCarthy had a not-so-good outing.  It's really that simple.

More beer will be had, if only to help me forget how awful our pitching is.

Bells and whistles

[Click to enlarge, at]
Pilsener Urquell: Miguel Montero, +4.1%
Coors Lite: Brandon McCarthy, -22.5%

Not a happy Gameday Thread, obviously. TolkienBard and asteroid led the way, with Fangdango in third. Also present: Airwave, DeadmanG, Dirtdawg90, GODSCHMIDT, GuruB, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, MrMrrbi, Zavada's Moustache, benhat, cole8865, hotclaws, imstillhungry95, luckycc and txzona. No comment received more than a single rec, so I'm with-holding Comment of the Night. We were all too sad and disappointed for that.