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SnakeBytes: Split-squad sweep edition

I'm going to enjoy a few extra minutes in bed, thanks to the time saved by not having to adjust any clocks this morning... A pretty satisfactory day, as the D-backs took both games, even though they had to divide their roster in two. Archie Bradley struck out Pujols, Paul Goldschmidt is still working on his defense, and the Red Sox owner gets snarky.

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  • [AZ Central] Bradley meets Pujols, then strikes him out - In the first inning, Bradley struck out Pujols looking on a breaking ball, and then with runners on the corners in the third, Bradley got Pujols to ground out sharply to short to end the inning. "The second time he comes up with two guys on," Bradley said, "and I’m sitting there looking like, ‘I’m facing a Hall of Fame guy right now. This guy’s going to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.’ Definitely the adrenaline kicked in a whole lot more than it already was. It was a fun moment."
  • [AP] Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Chicago White Sox - "Not as sharp as my first couple times out, but I was able to get some rhythm back (in the last inning)," McCarthy said. "Overall, it was good. There wasn't too much going wrong. Just a couple balls that got through. It's good from the mental standpoint to catch a game that's spiraling, and put it back where you want it and get back in the driver's seat."
  • [FOX Sports] D-backs game report: Saturday, March 8 - Paul Goldschmidt (leg stiffness) returned to the lineup after being held out for two days. He was the designated hitter to get a little extra rest and will play first base Sunday, Gibson said. ... Gosewisch, battling for the backup job, also returned to action in Glendale. He had been out since Feb. 27 with a calf strain. ... Gibson said starting pitcher Bronson Arroyo, who's dealing with a bulging disk in his back, played catch Saturday but doesn't have a timetable for a bullpen session.

Team News

  • [] Bradley bonding with backstop Montero - "We're forming a bond," Bradley said. "Miggy has been super nice; he's taken me under his wing. The thing I like about him is he's very positive. Even when I throw a bad pitch, he tells me it was great. I know he's doing it for my confidence and I love it. To have a guy like that with eight years' experience and for him to be on my side, it's been really nice."
  • [AZ Central] Diamondbacks benefit as Paul Goldschmidt’s defense gains more attention - Winning the Gold Glove was nice, Goldschmidt said, but he didn’t view it as validation of how far he had come. "I was happy with the way I played defensively, but it’s not any better or worse because I won the Gold Glove," he said. "If I didn’t win it, it wouldn’t have made my season any worse. There are still areas I need to improve on, there’s still stuff I did right."
  • [] Gibson has options with new slugger Mark Trumbo - "It seems to me they shouldn't be back-to-back," Gibson said. "You kind of construct your lineup to where each guy has an opportunity to have a runner on or multiple runners on, because they both have the opportunity to hit the ball out of the ballpark and you have the opportunity to score multiple runs. You get down by a run or two runs or three runs, it's a good option to have a couple guys on and one of those guys pop one. So that's kind of where I'm at on it."

And, elsewhere...

  • [ESPN] Volatile world of closers in chart form - "The volatile world of closers is represented in the chart below that lists the closers for each team over the past three seasons and the projected closer for 2014. Only Kimbrel is projected to be his team's closer all four seasons. Only eight teams are projected to have the same closer as in 2012."
  • [Missolian] Cage used to reserve nest at Missoula baseball stadium for ospreys - Well, our minor-league team is called the Osprey for a reason... "With biologist Erick Greene writing the final chapter, the story of a squatter named Clara came to an end Friday. Last spring, the mother goose occupied an osprey nest perched atop a manmade platform at Ogren-Allegiance Park. This year, Clara’s attempts will be thwarted by a steel cage Greene installed on top of the platform.
  • [ESPN] Spring training is a new start for all MLB teams - It's that magical time of year, when even the worst MLB teams believe and every story from training camp is filled with sunny optimism. Just fill in the _____s.
  • And the owner of the Red Sox responds to Marlins criticism over the team sent by Boston to play against Miami in a spring game: