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SnakePitSpringTrainingLawnFest on Sunday

If you didn't already get your ticket for SnakePitSpringTrainingLawnFest on Sunday, you may be too late, because the grass is officially sold out at Salt River Fields.

There are a few single seats available in the park, so you could still get one of those and then come join us on the outfield lawn. For either group, we aim to get there at about noon - the exact time is a bit vague because we're having breakfast with Mrs. SnakePit-in-law beforehand, then heading over to the park. So when I say "noon", that really just means "When the sun is kinda high in the sky." Keep an eye on Twitter if you want updates on our progress toward the park, as they happen...

Anyway, once we arrive, we'll likely be setting up camp near the bottom of the bank in right field, so we'll convene there as and when necessary. If you get there before us, please rope off an adequately-sized section, and make sure to leave room around it for the Zone of Death. We'll provide the Claymore mines and other anti-personnel devices for that. Yeah, there's no-one like the SnakePit when it comes to putting the "Armageddon" in "Festival".

If you're coming, this hardened veteran recommends bringing sunblock, water and something comfy to sit on. They do have dispensers at the park for the SPF cream, but these tend to run out, and I think they then get refilled with mayonnaise. The water? Salt River is a lot stricter on what can be brought in than Chase Field, and you're limited to two sealed bottles of water. You will go through at least that, and then some, even though the expected temperature tomorrow is only in the high 70's, and there's not much point in paying stadium prices unless necessary. And the something comfy? Grass is fine, for the first hour. After that, not so much.

It should be fun. Prospect Bo Schultz will be starting for the Diamondbacks, and he has been opening eyes this spring, so keen to see how he does. No word as yet who'll be playing right field - either for us or the Padres - but I'm sure they'll be given the traditional SnakePitSpringTrainingLawnFest welcome!