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SnakeBytes: Arroyo concern edition

Keep telling yourself. Bronson Arroyo has never been on the DL in his career... Bronson Arroyo has never been on the DL in his career...

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Christian Petersen


  • [] Corbin keeps building up to start in Australia - "I think my fastball command wasn't as good as it was my first outing and I think that's why my pitch count got up a little bit," Corbin said. "It's going to happen during the season, you're going to throw a lot of pitches in innings and obviously you want to minimize that, but it was good to go out there and build up some pitches, and have a couple of tough innings." To compensate for his fastball command, Corbin threw his slider and changeup more.
  • [ArizonaSports] Corbin where he needs to be moving towards season opener - "Getting stronger. Arm felt great. Came out healthy, so that was good. Got my pitch count up a little bit more than I wanted to throw in four innings -- obviously wanted to get to the fifth, but I felt like I worked on my changeup a lot today; threw more than I usually do so that was good. Should be plenty to get going for Australia. I feel like I'm where I need to be and I'll be ready for my start there."

Team news

  • [FOX Sports] Arroyo to rest 7-10 days due to bulging disk - Oh-oh... "Towers said an MRI on Tuesday morning revealed the bulging disk, which Arroyo suffered while running earlier this week. Arroyo had an epidural injection Wednesday morning and will rest for at least a week before returning to baseball activities. "They just want it to calm down before he starts throwing again," Towers said. "Of course Arroyo doesn't think it will take that long. He may get another start in before we head to Australia. It's nothing they're concerned about. It's not a herniated disk."
  • [AZ Central] Pollock packs tools, ready to build on ’13 - "He almost makes it look too easy," first baseman Paul Goldschmidt said. "You don’t realize how hard of a play it is because he’s so smooth defensively. Maybe nothing jumps out at you when you just watch him play (just once)," Goldschmidt said, "but when you see him day in and day out you realize how good he actually is."
  • [AZ Central] Matt Tuiasosopo is keeping faith in job hunt - "He definitely could be a guy that comes into play for us because of his versatility," manager Kirk Gibson said. "He’s comfortable with both corners in the outfield, both corners in the infield. He swings a pretty good bat, and I’ve seen him go up against some pretty good pitching. … He’s got some experience as well."
  • My name's Addison Reed, and I'm a cookieholic
  • Another addition to the D-backs family...
  • And a box ticked off for Daniel Hudson Tommy John Rehab v2.0

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