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Patrick Corbin and Trevor Cahill to start in Australia

It's official. The starters for the two Australia games have been announced, and it's Patrick Corbin and Trevor Cahill

@Dbacks, via Twitter

Well, Kirk Gibson may not Tweet often - this is his second since debuting the account on February 12 - but when he does, it's meaningful:

Probably not an enormous surprise here. I can understand the Diamondbacks wanting to limit the use of Brandon McCarthy, hoping to stave off the inevitable arm issues for a bit. And the late arrival of Bronson Arroyo made him seem an unlikely choice too. With Corbin our All-Star and clearly overall best pitcher last season, it really came down to between Cahill and Wade Miley for the other game. As we mentioned previously, the risk of the latter ending up in Austria was probably too much to risk...

Gibson also let slip a couple of nuggets about possible roster construction for Australia:

With Gosewisch seeming less likely to be ready in time, that would suggest it's most likely to be Henry Blanco and Bobby Wilson for the backup catcher spots - I note those are the ones starting in today's doubleheader games. We also noted the likelihood of an additional lefty when we covered roster construction last week, and went over a few of the possible candidates.

Now, we just have to wait and see who the Dodgers will be sending. There have been question-marks over both their anticipated #1 and #2, Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke - the former through fears of overuse, the latter for injury reasons. But I would be somewhat surprised if neither of them go, and suspect MLB may be putting some pressure on Los Angeles to that end, feeling that it could be seen as a slight if Los Angeles send out the back end of their rotation.