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Exhibition Game #2 vs. Cubs: Gameday Thread

The last meaningless baseball for... Well, hopefully, a very long time. I'm hoping after the All-Star break, at least. :) Dunno who this Bronson Arroyo guy starting for us is. Name is vaguely familiar, but don't seem to have seen him around lately.

Chase Field roof open for 1:10 start vs #Cubs on a perfect day here in the valley!
Chase Field roof open for 1:10 start vs #Cubs on a perfect day here in the valley!
@BertDbacks, via Twitter


Jason Hammel
RHP, 1-0, 4.26

Bronson Arroyo
RHP, 0-0, 3.00

Diamondbacks line-up

  1. Gerardo Parra, RF
  2. Aaron Hill, 2B
  3. Paul Goldschmidt, 1B
  4. Eric Chavez, 3B
  5. Martin Prado, DH
  6. Mark Trumbo, LF
  7. Miguel Montero, C
  8. Chris Owings, SS
  9. A.J. Pollock, CF
    + Bronson Arroyo, P

It's more than a month since Arroyo made a "proper" start, his last one coming on February 27, when he went three innings and allowed a run on three hits and a walk. Then, his back kicked in, and it's been a slightly sticky road back. He hasn't been entirely idle, however: there was a minor-league start on March 24. Jack Magruder says Bronson will be looking to throw about 85-90 pitches. It was also announced that, if all goes well. Arroyo will throw the last of the four games against the Giants; Randall Delgado will be the starter for the opener vs. Colorado.

The other roster moves will be announced post-game, but there doesn't seem much left to decide. 25th man (my guess is Didi Gregorius and Owings both make it, until Cody Ross is ready), last bullpen spot (Will Harris seems most likely), plus the backup catcher, and that's about it. The next one of these I write, will be as we get ready to re-start the season, and it'll be for the long-haul...