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Spring Training: The winners

Yeah, we know. Terrible sample size, in unnatural conditions and in games that don't actually count. Spring training stats are meaningless. But do you really think that's going to stop us?

Cameron Spencer

Top hitter (regular)

Martin Prado: .458/.469/.646 = 1.115 OPS

Pretty good spring for Prado, who can hopefully avoid the slow start that plagued him in 2013. Could have done with some more walks - well, actually, any at all, since Prado is ohfer the Cactus League. But that's never been his way of thinking, really. Perhaps the nicest thing will be much less breathless concern about how Justin Upton is doing with Atlanta this season [.218/.271/.455 in spring, since you were asking]. Bit of a mixed bag on defense, with some early problems, but he had a real gem last night - go check it out in SnakeBytes if you haven't already done so.

Honorable mentions: A.J. Pollock (.386); Aaron Hill (.333)

Top hitter (prospect)

Rudy Flores: .545/.545/1.364 = 1.909 OPS

If you don't get many chances to make an impact, you have to take the most of them, and that's certainly what Flores has done. 11 at-bats have led to six hits, five of them for extra-bases and two of them leaving the park. Only Prado and Pollock have had more XBH, in a lot more playing time, and it's as many as Tony Campana, Didi Gregorius, Matt Tuiasosopo and Mike Jacobs combined, in their 167 PAs. Admittedly, many of Flores's came in late innings against B-pitchers. But still: who is Flores? A 21st-round draft pick, he spent last year in A-ball, and showed some pop, with 19 homers in only 92 games. The bad news? He's a 1B. I think we're sorted there.

Honorable mentions: Alfredo Marte (5-for-11); Ender Inciarte (6-for-17)

Top starting pitcher (regular)

Wade Miley: 2.41 ERA, 13:4 K/BB

Miley's solid set of performances garnered him the honor of replacing Patrick Corbin on Opening Day in Sydney, and he has been the most consistent of our performers in the pre-season. He did struggle a little bit in his final tune-up - could be jet-lag after returning from Australia? - but it's particularly good to see that Miley hasn't walked more than one batter in any of his four spring training starts. That good control is something he needs, if he's to have any sustained success in the regular season for the Diamondbacks.

Honorable mention: Brandon McCarthy (2.70 ERA)

Top starting pitcher (prospect)

Bo Schultz: 6.1 IP, 6 H, 2 ER, 5:1 K:BB

It's a fairly short list, as outside the expected rotation, only three pitchers made starts for us, and neither Archie Bradley nor Mike Lee were that impressive. But Schultz's stock has certainly risen this spring, to the point where he was seriously being discussed as a contender for the final rotation spot. That remains unlikely, but he was an expected addition to the roster for the trip down under, and made his major-league debut during the second Australia game. Safe to say, even he is sent down, he'll go to Reno a lot higher on the list of names to be called back up, than when he arrived at Salt River Fields last month.

Top reliever (regular)

Josh Collmenter: 11.2 IP, 4 H, 0 R, 7:2 K:BB

It's annoying that the only poor outing Collmenter has had so far this year, came in his only appearance that counted, as he allowed three hits and two walks in his inning of work during the Dodgers series. Otherwise he has been close to impeccable, holding opposing hitters to a minute .105 average. I'm certainly hoping that's the Josh we see once the meaningful games start again tomorrow, and this wasn't just a case of him feasting on minor-league hitters late on. I do note he led the Diamondbacks in saves this spring, with three.

Honorable mentions: Oliver Perez (4 IP, 1 H); Addison Reed (10:1 K/BB)

Top reliever (prospect)

Ryan Rowland-Smith: 7.1 IP, 4 H, 1 R, 0 ER

While it's not likely RRS will become the second Australian to appear for the Diamondbacks by making the Opening Day roster, he has been lights out in the Cactus League, with only an unearned run to blot his copybook. His solid numbers mean he has likely become the first name to be called up, in the event we need a left-handed reliever. Indeed, perhaps even a reliever of any kind, though there is more competition for that spot. Safe to say, after making the return trip to his homeland for the first MLB games ever played there, this will be a spring Rowland-Smith will remember for a while.

Honorable mention: Evan Marshall (4 IP, 0 H)