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SnakeBytes 3/28: Unluck of the UCL

Another D-back goes down with a torn UCL as it is found that David Hernandez needs Tommy John surgery to fix the damaged ligament.

Christian Petersen


I just wasn't executing pitches. I was leaving fastballs over the middle of the plate, really wasn't getting ahead, so I was leaving them in fastball counts so they were able to sit on things. Just wasn't very good.

- Wade Miley

I'm not necessarily saying I saw it coming. I wanted to be here as long as I could, and I think I did that. I understand being sent down for some things I need to work on and get better at. It's part of it, so go take care of business and get back up here.

- Archie Bradley on his demotion to Triple-A

When you hear reports the last two years the Yankees are trying to get back under the threshold because they don't want to pay the tax that they're paying now after multiple years, I think it does work, and at some point teams have to look in the mirror and say, "Should we keep doing business the way that we are?" You hope that the Dodgers eventually get there.

- D-backs President Derrick Hall

Daily D-backs

FOX Sports MLB Insider Ken Rosenthal reported Friday morning that Diamondbacks relief pitcher David Hernandez has a torn ligament in his pitching elbow, according to his agent, Jason Hoffman.

Brandon McCarty will start home opener, but D-backs not ready to declare winners in battles for fifth spot in rotation, starting shortstop, backup catcher.

The D-backs' stock of mound prospects begins with Archie Bradley, the best in the game. But it doesn't come anywhere close to stopping there. The strength of Arizona's farm system is pitching, even after trading Trevor Bauer, Tyler Skaggs and David Holmberg since the end of the 2012 season.

The D-backs reassigned top prospect Archie Bradley to Minor League camp Thursday, ending his bid to win a spot in the starting rotation.

D-backs right-hander Wade Miley followed up his regular-season debut by giving up three runs over 4 2/3 innings in a 3-2 Cactus League loss to the Indians on Thursday.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are not exactly what you would call a "poor" MLB team, but they're not particularly rich, either. At least, not on the level of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Heading into the 2014 season, the Dodgers have a payroll of $235,295,219, while the D-backs are at $112,688,666.

The ball appears to be coming from the ground, right field, or way above your head diving towards the strike zone. That's what an opponent's batting eye is going to have to overcome when it takes on the Arizona Diamondbacks' revamped bullpen in 2014.

Around the MLB

Yesterday, the Tigers agreed to make Miguel Cabrera the highest paid player in baseball history. If you look at the entirety of their future financial commitments to him as one single entity rather than two separate agreements, then this is the biggest contract in U.S. sports history. Over the next decade, the Tigers have agreed to pay Cabrera $292 million.

Terry Francona seems like a pretty rad dude. During Monday's spring training game against the Reds, the Indians manager went to the mound to remove pitcher Blake Wood from the game. At the time, Wood still didn't know whether he had made the roster or not. Francona, however, knew that Wood had made it, so he decided to deliver the good news right there on the mound.

A great aerial view of Lou Gehrig's farewell speech.

The Red Stockings had an 80-game winning streak, but the way it ended is the only story we need to know.

All 5 Jose Fernandez pitches, yeah good luck with that MLB hitters.