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Fang Foods: Good 'ay Bruce! A not so indepth look at Aussie Beer

Aussies, like us, also enjoy that beautiful concoction of barley, hops and water. So think of this as a brief and mostly uninformed primer on Australia's Suds.

By Terrazzo (Cairns Australia Beer Run) [CC-BY-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

KING PARROT: A very fine Australian Metal Band

This video might not show a normal (I sure as hell hope not!) Aussie bar, but like us the certainly love beer.

Regrettably (due to long distances) we don't get to experience too much in the way of Australian beer, and trust me, Fosters is not all they have to offer. has some 300 individual breweries listed, with some 14 breweries in Sydney for our thirsty Dbacks to enjoy. That may not seem like much to us with the United States having several THOUSAND breweries, but Australia has a population of 22mil compared to our 300+mil. So do the math.

No seriously, do the math. I'm not too strong with my math skills anymore.

With that in mind they have choices such as Cooper's Brewing Co, which might have some of my favorite Aussie beers, especially their stout. Don't take my word for it though, check this somewhat dated link for more details on good Australian beer.

Sadly though Aussie breweries must suffer through taxation based upon alcohol content of their beer. Essentially breweries down under get punished for making strong beer, whereas we get to enjoy blindingly strong ales such as The Beast (16% abv) or World Wide Stout (15%abv), with breweries usually incurring no extra tax. Yet some breweries in Aussieland such as Wig & Pen still make such strong beers as The Judges Are All on Botox (11%abv) but due to very high tax rates most beers stick around 5-6% abv. So the tax (along with higher taxes overall) certainly puts a damper on overall expansion like we've seen in the States, but they still are reaping the fruits of the Golden Age of Beer.

Thus ends my brief foray into Aussie beer.......since I rarely see any beers from Australia outside of Coopers and Fosters.

Drink more beer.