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Pit Your Wits Week 1: Down Undah!

Put some shreemp on tha bahbeeeeee, it's Pit yah Wits time!

Paul Kane

A new season of baseball means a new season of that dreaded gauntlet we know as Pit Your Wits? There's a new commissioner in town, and I'm going to get this place cleaned up. No more nacho slide answers for you, Snakepit populace!

What is Pit Your Wits?

It's a weekly challenge where your given a prompt, and you attempt to create your own entry that will attract recs. Those with the top three amounts of recs will win the week, which will accumulate to a season winner. So I'm not saying you have to be funny or clever, but it's probably the easiest path.

Awesome, what will I win?

Internet style points! Don't spend them all in one place, you scamp!

You're a jerk.

It's a living. On to the prompt:

Pick a Diamondback player/exec. What crime would have them sentenced to the penal colony that is Australia?

You have until the end of next Tuesday, when I'll tabulate the recs with my Super Oscillating Computational Orifice and determine the weeks winners. Good luck, and may the recs be forever in your favor!