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Place your bets on the 2014 Diamondbacks

We had our fantasy draft last night - pity the poor guy who wasn't there, and autodrafted both Patrick Corbin AND Kris Medlen. While we wait for the regular-scheduled league action, let's kick off another SnakePit tradition, the over-under sports book.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I'm bankrolling each of you with $1,500 in SnakePit Dollars [actual value 0.00000000000001 cents], which you can divide up and wager on the lines as you think fit. I'll accept entries up until the first pitch in Sydney . Last year, Wailord and NLWestBaseball both maxed out, profiting by $1,500 each and winning all their bets, but overall, the 'Pit collectively ended up over $8,000 below the line, largely because the team fell one win short of crossing that line. If you're unclear on the basic concept, here is the intro from 2012, the first season

A quick bit of explanation, for those unfamiliar with betting parlance. In an "over/under" bet, a sports book will set a number, and bettors can choose on which side of that number the actual result will fall. The most common such is the total points in an NFL game, but it can be run on just about any sporting statistic. If you win, you get double your money [actually, it's typically a shade less than double, the difference being the house edge, but we'll just say double for our purposes here]. If you lose... Well, I trust I need not draw you a picture, but it involves a vice and Joe Pesci, if my recollection of Casino is correct.

For ease of my inputting them into the spreadsheet, entry lines should be in the form:
$300, Diamondbacks Wins, OVER
which means you are betting Arizona will win more than the specified number. However, so you don't just throw it all on one bet, you can bet no more than $500 on any single wager, so you've got to have at least three lines. You can have more, of course, by betting less than the limit. Here are the ten nine bets on offer, from CBS Sports' Dayn Perry

  • Wins: 84.5
  • Place in NL West: 2.5
  • Paul Goldschmidt's home runs: 35.5
  • Mark Trumbo's home runs: 37.5
  • Brandon McCarthy's innings pitched: 144
  • Bronson Arroyo's home runs allowed: 31.5
  • Archie Bradley's starts at MLB level: 12.5
  • Martin Prado's OPS: .770
  • Patrick Corbin's ERA: 3.65 never mind... :(
  • Bench-clearing incidents with Dodgers: 0.5

I'll put together a spreadsheet of the entries, and we'll have updates after about each month [27 games, because that is a nice one-sixth slice, so keeps the math simple!], to see who comes out with the biggest pot of winnings