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SnakeBytes 3/17: St. Patrick's (UCL) Day

With news confirming Patrick Corbin's torn UCL and subsequent Tommy John surgery forthcoming, much has been made of who will replace him in the starting rotation. Wade Miley and Trevor Cahill will start both of the Australia games, but the organization has been quiet on the other starters. Who do you think will replace him in the line-up?

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Patrick has a torn UCL. Yeah so? Throw him out there.
Patrick has a torn UCL. Yeah so? Throw him out there.
Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports


Obviously you never want to see anything like that happen with any of your teammates. It's unfortunate. He's a big part of this team. … It's just something you've got to deal with, and you've got to move on
- Wade Miley

It was just the same tightness I kind of had the first three starts, but nothing out of the ordinary. Just those last three pitches it kind of got to me when I called out Gibby and Harkey. I knew was something wrong there then. … There was probably something wrong with it the whole game, but I didn't feel it much until the end and those last couple of pitches, so I was probably smart to stop throwing
- Patrick Corbin

Snake Eggs

For Patrick Corbin and the D-backs, the news couldn't have been much worse Sunday, when the team revealed the ace left-hander had sustained damage to the ulnar collateral ligament in his elbow.
Wade Miley will throw the first pitch of the regular season when he takes the ball in place of Patrick Corbin for the first game of the Opening Series in Sydney, Australia.

Arizona Diamondbacks ‘honored' to open regular season in Australia |
After months of planning and weeks of waiting, there's only one thing remaining for the Arizona Diamondbacks to do: Fly 17 hours to the other side of the world.

Trevor Cahill struck out 7 in 5 innings while giving up 3 runs (2 earned), and Tony Campana hit a walk-off single to give the D-backs a 6-5 victory over the Milwaukee Brewers at Salt River Field.

Both teams left. on separate flights of course, for Sydney Harbour from Sky Harbor Sunday night, and will arrive in Australia Tuesday morning.

After the injury to Patrick Corbin, could Archie Bradley get a call to the MLB level? It'll certainly be interesting to see whether or not they will start his clock early, or let another youngster have a shot.

Extra Innings

Adam Eaton inside-the-park home run |

As spring goes on, the legend of Billy Hamilton grows. Hamilton's otherworldly speed can be a shocking thing to see on baseball field. Hamilton was clocked in 3.3 seconds, or maybe it was 3.4, to first base on a push bunt against Texas' Yu Darvish on March 10.

Kurt Gibson would be proud of his limp around the bases.