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Patrick Corbin has damaged UCL, Wade Miley replaces him in Australia

Bad news for the Diamondbacks this afternoon, as an MRI on Patrick Corbin showed ligament damage in his elbow. He'll be replaced in Australia by Wade Miley

Christian Petersen

Welp. That isn't good. Let's be blunt: it's impossible to think about the UCL without leaping directly to the words "Tommy John surgery." It's still a little premature at this point, and the "second opinion" is a glimmer of hope that there may not be the need for an operation. But it certainly seems, at the very least, the Diamondbacks will lose the services of Corbin in their rotation for quite some considerable time.

For the Australia trip, Wade Miley gets the nod, though it has not been announced if it will be him of Cahill who will work on Opening Day. But the longer term issue also needs to be addressed. Who should replace Corbin in the rotation? Randall Delgado? [I guess that's one way to remove the bullpen logjam...] Or do we pull the trigger on Option B and bring in Archie Bradley? Indeed, if there are any more setbacks for Bronson Arroyo, we might have a very different rotation from the one which seemed likely a month ago.