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SnakeBytes: Blown saves edition

First we were winning, then we weren't, then we were winning, then we were losing, then we were winning again. But we finally lost. Hopefully, our first extra-inning loss of spring is not an omen in any way.

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[] Gerardo Parra's big day, late homers not enough for D-backs - Parra delivered a two-run single in the first inning and a sacrifice fly in the third before working a walk from Brewers reliever Michael Blazek amid Arizona's three-run fifth. Goldschmidt finished 2-for-3 with a walk and three runs scored. Pollock and Martin Prado had two hits apiece. Delgado surrendered a two-run home run to Lucroy in the first inning, one of three Brewers hits in the frame. But Delgado was otherwise effective, allowing only those two runs on five total hits in four innings, with no walks and three K's.

[FOX Sports] D-backs game report: Friday, March 14 - "We know what part of the spring we're in right now," D-backs manager Kirk Gibson said. "It's tough for everybody. It's getting a little lengthy right now, so the trip (to Australia) will be good for us. We didn't make very good pitches to anybody today when it counted. It was kind of disappointing."

Team News

[CBS Sports] Can Archie Bradley, MLB's top pitching prospect, make D-Backs? - "He's got a chance to be the total package," Duncan, serving as D-Backs pitching guru, said, "He's not just a kid who throws hard. He shows good command." Because he's not "one-dimensional," Duncan said he believes he has a chance to be that rare No. 1 pitcher. The fastball is consistently 94-96 mph, he has a big curveball and great control for someone his age. "He is going to be a stud," said one rival NL scout. "He looks the way they are supposed to look. He'll be a No. 2 starter, at least, with a chance to be an ace."

[AZ Central] Gerardo Parra more complete player than ever - "Oh yeah, man. I feel good," he said before Friday's game against the Brewers at Maryvale Baseball Park. "I'm just trying to continue, to keep getting better and I love it because Gibby talks to me a lot and tells me good things and I feel so much more comfortable. I'm happy. That's good, because I play baseball the best when I play baseball hard and when I'm happy."

[] Arroyo's stiff back feeling better - D-backs general manager Kevin Towers is taking the positive approach. "I mean, he's never been on the DL, so I don't anticipate him being on the DL. So he'll either start one of the games against the Giants or the first game against Colorado. I think a lot will depend on how our rotation falls, how he's feeling, what his pitch count is up to. I think he's certainly got enough time, even if it's for the Colorado series, to get two or three outings and get close to 75 pitches."

[FOX Sports] D-backs value Pennington's versatility, late-game heroics - True to the "ultimate teammate" moniker Gibson has bestowed upon him, Pennington is doing all he can to help the young infielders. "I don't know if I'm a veteran by the standards of a lot of teams, but compared to those guys I've had some experience," said Pennington, 29. "(Aaron Hill) is the same way, and we're doing the best we can to make that learning curve as quick as we can and as short as we can make it, because we're going to need those guys if we're going to get to the postseason."

[] Pollock taking advantage of opportunity with D-backs - "For the team, I think it's just keeping that clubhouse nice and light, not taking it too seriously, just kind of having fun with each other, sticking together as a team, having each other's backs. And for me, just getting on base, doing the little things to score runs and help the team score runs to win games," Pollock said. "It's pretty simple, but that's what I'm going to concentrate on doing and playing good defense. Other than that, there's no secret recipe to winning."

[ArizonaSports] Blanco wants to coach after playing career - "It's a battle and it's a good competition," Blanco said. "I think at the end of the day, you got to feel good about yourself coming to spring training and giving it a try to play one more year. I feel pretty good about it. I think the most important thing is that I'm healthy and that I'm willing to do everything I have to do in order to play this year. So, why not give it a try?"

[Razzball] 2014 Arizona Diamondbacks, Fantasy Baseball - A lot of fantasy leagues will be drafting this weekend, including SnakePit's Division 1. If you're looking for a fantasy edge, you should check out - I helped them out a bit, with a Q+A on the Diamondbacks from a fantasy perspective this year.

And, elsewhere...

[Businessweek] Behind Higher Cable Bills: Baseball Teams Doing Simple Math - Sports broadcasters—and, indirectly, many a shortstop—have grown rich by strong-arming cable companies into a simple assumption: Few customers will balk at another couple of dollars on a monthly bill, but lots will kick up a fuss if they don’t get the ballgames. That cable-TV providers seem to be drawing the line with the Dodgers suggests that they finally believe they may lose more customers by raising prices than by not having the games.

[Boston Globe] Bryce Florie’s comeback after a baseball shattered his face - Thirteen years after an injury shattered Red Sox pitcher Bryce Florie’s eye and his career, he can (almost) chuckle at the absurdity of it all. Only now can he see that the many adversities he endured after the accident in Boston — the battle to regain sight in his damaged eye, the myriad other injuries, the coldness of team executives, the what-am-I-doing-here moments in minor league towns — have added up to something meaningful.

[FOX Sports] Baseball is just paying a visit in exhibition return to Montreal -- right? - Barring a late-March snowstorm, Major League Baseball will return to Montreal, if only temporarily, in the coming weeks. The Toronto Blue Jays, now the lone Canadian team in the majors, will host the New York Mets at Olympic Stadium for exhibition games on Mar. 28 and 29.

[] Introducing Populous’ Living Park, an exclusive baseball stadium for the future - What can baseball fans expect their stadiums to look like in 20 years’ time? To find out, Sports Illustrated approached Populous—one of the world’s most prolific stadium designers and the architects behind roughly 20 MLB stadiums, including the two most recent venues in New York, Target Field in Minneapolis and Marlins Park in Miami—to look into the future and envision a realistic design for stadiums in the 2030s.