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SnakeBytes: Collmenter in Love edition

Archie Bradley has a tough start, Josh Collmenter's quest for love is nearing completion, and the Colorado Rockies are upset with the Diamondbacks over... Well, something.

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Christian Petersen

Trying a slightly different layout format today, without the bullet points. More or less easy to read? Think of this like the optician's - clearer one... or two...?


[Fox Sports] D-backs game report: Thursday, March 13 - Gibson said Trevor Cahill (knee) threw a bullpen session Thursday and is on track to start Sunday and on March 23 in Australia. ... Gibson said Bronson Arroyo, who has been out with back soreness, threw long toss Thursday and is trending in the right direction but remains an unknown for Opening Day in the U.S. ... Brandon McCarthy threw five shutout innings in a minor league game against the Giants on Thursday, needing only 50 pitches to add to his strong spring. "He's locked in right now," Gibson said. "We've got to keep him that way."

[] Bradley has command issues vs. Mariners - "He didn't have it," Gibson said. "Actually a little bit of humble pie today maybe. Struggled with his command. You're going to have those days, and hopefully he'll learn something from it. He should benefit from it." Bradley said. "I just couldn't ever get that first pitch over and it seemed like every batter I was working from behind. You're not going to have a lot of success when you do that... I know what I need to work on going into my bullpen and now I've got to get ready for Australia.

[ArizonaSports] Bradley struggles in third Cactus League start - "I felt good, body-wise, arm-wise. I wasn't happy with the result, but that's what spring training is all about. Struggled a little bit -- you have to find a way to work through it and I just couldn't do that today. In the bullpen, I felt good, I was throwing strikes, I felt really good with where I was at and at the start of the game, I just lost it. I'd throw a fastball for a strike and then throw two for a ball. I'd throw a curveball for a strike, then throw two for a ball. I just could never find a good spot and get where I felt good throwing the ball."

[AZ Central] Diamondbacks' bats go quiet in loss to Mariners - Gosewisch played in his fourth game in the last five days after missing more than a week with a calf injury, and went all nine innings. Fighting with Henry Blanco for the backup spot, Gosewisch is now batting .308 in Cactus League games. Archie Bradley ate a bit of "humble pie," according to manager Kirk Gibson, giving up four runs on five hits and two walks in just two innings. Each of the walks began an inning, and Bradley struggled to rebound, often falling behind in counts. He threw 60 pitches.

Team News

[Denver Post] Renck: In plunking Troy Tulowitzki, Diamondbacks way off base - "Tulowitzki was hit after Tommy Kahnle smacked Arizona slugger Mark Trumbo in the back. Asked whether he thought Miley meant to hit him, Tulowitzki declined comment. Rockies manager Walt Weiss couldn't mask his disappointment, saying "you never want to see one of your guys hit." The idea of retaliation is unfathomable in a Cactus League game. And yet the Rockies were privately convinced that Miley's pitch was on purpose. Why?" Not mentioned, is that some guy called Raul Fernandez also threw behind Miguel Montero, so they're hardly bleeding-heart innocents.

[] Ross likely won't be active for home opener - The team is not planning on taking him to Australia next week. That means he will need to be placed on the disabled list and would need to miss at least the first three games of the Giants series March 31-April 2. "Definitely on track for March 31, but with the rules being if they put me on the DL, I'll miss the first three days of the season, the home opener, which is a bummer," Ross said. "This is my second one I'm missing in two years, which stinks."

[Fox Sports] D-backs in no hurry to deal young shortstop - "If the Diamondbacks make a trade, it is more likely to involve one of their relievers, specifically right-hander J.J. Putz or lefty Joe Thatcher. Thatcher fits as the second lefty with Ollie Perez, making Putz perhaps a more likely odd man out. Putz, though, is earning $6.5 million this season, so the D-Backs likely would need to include cash in any deal. Another factor: Putz is a leader, and the D-Backs claim to value clubhouse chemistry."

[ArizonaSports] Hall: Bradley will be up at some point 'very soon' - "I think we all want to see him. We've got to remember, the kid hasn't even had two full minor league seasons. I think he's ready, we all do, and what we've seen has been very impressive... Whether it's Opening Day, midway through into the season -- I think he's shown us all that he's a big league pitcher. He's got some of the best stuff on the club, obviously. Power arm, big-size kid who's ready to go. Nothing scares him. But, we created all this depth in the rotation so that we wouldn't have to rush him along."

[AZ Central] Diamondbacks coach Mike Harkey hardly new - Harkey's personality is far different from that of his predecessor, Charles Nagy. Time will tell how that difference rubs off on Diamondbacks pitchers, but Putz, for one, believes their philosophies aren't too dissimilar. "I loved everything about working with Charlie Nagy," Putz said. "They definitely went the complete 180, with a big guy whose voice carries. It's just a different tone. Even last year, I think our philosophy was to attack hitters, it's just a different way of getting the message across this year."

[Yahoo!] Diamondbacks pitcher providing comic relief in Down Under dating game - Collmenter described himself to the ladies of Sydney thusly: "Josh likes long walks on Bondi Beach, reading poetry on a bear rug in front of the fireplace and tall, athletic women whose offspring will likely result in a college scholarship." Asked Thursday for the last time he read poetry on a bear rug in front of a fireplace, Collmenter paused, wrinkled his forehead and said, "Two nights ago. Gotta brush up on my Shakespearean sonnets to impress the young lass."

[] Rowland-Smith excited for busy week in Australia - "I had been getting emails from Australian baseball and they were asking me if I was going to be pitching for them, and I said it was not up to me," Rowland-Smith said. "They contacted the D-backs, and that's when they told me that even if I wasn't on the roster I would be going. It's so exciting. Ever since I found out about it, I've been trying to push it out of my mind, because I've told people I'm here to try and pitch in the big leagues, so I've been concentrating on that."

[FOX Sports] Schultz nearing majors on unique track - "Growing up and in high school, I wanted Tom Verducci's job," Schultz said. "He was the long-form journalism guy for Sports Illustrated, so it's like go to spring training with whatever team, be part of the team for a week and then write 10,000 words. I mean, how much better could it get for a high school kid playing baseball?"

Finally, this is what the D-backs and Dodgers will be wearing on their jerseys in Sydney