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SnakeBytes: Cahill Panic Mode edition

Never a good sign to see one of your starting pitchers go crashing to the ground, clutching his leg. Fortunately, early signs are, it looks like Trevor Cahill isn't too badly hurt. Fingers crossed that is indeed also the assessment this morning.

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  • [FOX Sports] D-backs game report -"I didn't hear a pop so I knew it probably wasn't too bad. It felt like a really bad cramp. I was just kind of scared at first. And then it settled down and it started releasing. It felt like, 'OK, it shouldn't be anything serious.' It just went away pretty quick. So I was fortunate." -- Trevor Cahill, on his jammed knee.
  • [] Cahill exits Indians game with jammed right knee - "Still kind of catching too much of the plate," Cahill said. "Last year I felt like fastball command wasn't there. I feel like it's really close right now. I'm missing more on the plate than off the plate, which for right now I'd rather have it like that than be walking guys. I feel a lot better mechanically. I like where I'm at; I've just got to set my sights a little bit farther in or farther out, whatever it may be, especially ahead in the count."
  • [AZ Central] Trevor Cahill’s knee injury ugly, but evidently not serious - Cahill might have dodged a serious injury on Tuesday afternoon, but whether he can make his scheduled start in Australia on Sunday, March 23 (March 22 in Arizona) remains to be seen. For now, it seems safe to say it wasn’t as bad as it looked in the fifth inning when he crumbled to the ground in foul territory after trying to avoid a collision at first base with Cleveland’s Jason Kipnis. Cahill said he hyperextended his right knee and might have aggravated a leg muscle in the process.

Team News

  • [ArizonaSports] Arroyo may not be ready at start of season - "We're probably considering slowing him down," Gibson said. "I don't want to push him early. We're looking for the longevity of when he gets going that he keeps going. "Our thought process is, let's keep the pressure off him," Gibson said. "He's felt bad before and not been on the DL, so we know his make-up and his personality. He'd do almost anything to avoid that. That's not really how we want him to approach it at this point in the season. If it was September, maybe, but it's early in the season."
  • [FOX Sports] Montero tries to lighten up while taking on full load - "I would go 0 for 4 with four bullets. You start thinking about what you can do so those bullets are not caught. That is when you start creating bad habits, trying a little harder. That ball they caught in the gap, you might want to hit it out. It's natural. It's human nature. You are trying harder to get better. I was trying to swing too hard. When you swing too hard, you grip it (bat) super tight. You muscle up super tight. The next thing you know, your swing is slower. It was a tough time. I was never the same after that."
  • [] Gooden. Wood. Bradley? D-backs' prospect generating lots of buzz - "In a perfect world it would be good to get him more innings down in the minors," Towers said, "but if he keeps throwing like he [has], how can you? We don't have anybody on our staff who has his stuff. With him and Corbin, that's a pretty good left-right combo. He's been very impressive. He's mature beyond his years. Maybe it's the football background. He doesn't carry himself like a 21-year-old. He just says, 'Keep throwing challenges my way and I'll beat them.'"
  • [] Shortstop battle likely to continue Down Under - "I think probably we're looking at taking both of them to Australia, along with Penny," Gibson said. "You look at it in two phases, Australia and beyond. So we're on Australia right now." The D-backs will reset their roster at 25 for their March 31 re-opener of the regular season. That is when the D-backs will most likely choose between Gregorius and Owings, with the one who does not win the job ticketed for Triple-A.
  • [FOX Sports] Archie Bradley speaks about starting the exhibition game in Australia

And, elsewhere...

  • [ESPN LA] Exploring the Australia Effect on 2014 - "Major League Baseball has opened its season six times outside the continental U.S., but the first two were in Mexico and Puerto Rico, which offer only minimal travel and time-zone adjustments. The last four were in Japan... The only one of the eight teams to start with a winning record was the 2008 A’s, who lost 85 games that year. The 2004 Rays had the worst start: 9-23. There certainly seems to be some sort of lag effect."
  • SCG Webcam - so you can keep an eye on progress down under...
  • [Minor League Ball] PCL Tales: Joe Sprinz’s attempt to catch a baseball from a blimp - "In 1939, on his 37th birthday, a catcher named Joe Sprinz, who played for the San Francisco Seals at the time, tried to set a new world record for the highest catch... The team arranged for someone on the Goodyear blimp to drop the ball from 800 feet in the air." What could possibly go wrong?
  • [] Replay great for game, but data shows it won't be needed much - "The use of expanded replay is the best thing to happen to baseball since ballpark nachos. Baseball now has the ability to get most calls right. Replay does away with the shame of a ballgame being decided by an obvious blown call and the resultant ignominy for the umpire. It also allows the paid customer in the stands to finally see what the couch potato does, because while a play is under review, teams are permitted for the first time to show replays on the video board from the home television feed."
  • Keith Olbermann doesn't like Barry Bonds very much...