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SnakeBytes: All square edition

The D-backs have ended the day tied up more often than Betty Page of late, Sunday afternoon and Monday night's games both ending level. Here's a (somewhat truncated) selection of links of Arizona and other news.

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Team news

  • [FOX Sports] D-backs game report: Monday, March 10 - "The more I get out there, the better I feel," Corbin said. Corbin was in top form in the third inning, when he struck out the side after giving up a leadoff single. Corbin located his fastball and got all three strikeouts on his slider. "We tried to make an adjustment for that third inning, just attack with my fastball, and from there on I felt pretty good," said Corbin.
  • [] Arroyo expresses frustration over ailing back - Oh-oh... "It's driving me nuts today to tell you the truth. Everybody around here is like no hurry, no hurry, but I've got a time clock in my head, and to me, it's like a time bomb going off if I don't get this thing right." It's a huge deal to me. I've played this game for the last 20 years without having to bow out. I'll know when there's a day where I've got it and it's like, 'All right, I'm good.' If I can throw and get after it, it will be like, 'OK, I weathered the storm.' But right now, I'm not there yet."
  • [AZ Central] Blanco hoping for 1 more shot - Blanco credits Jim Malone, a strength coach with the Padres, for giving him a second wind to his already-long career. Malone introduced the catcher to the "Insanity" workout, the max-interval training program you often see on late-night TV commercials. Blanco’s been doing it for six years now, starting each day at 5:30 a.m. with a ridiculously hard 45-minute session. "It’s pretty intense," he said, "but it gives you plenty of energy to get through the day. Then you go to bed at 7 o’clock so you can do it again the next day.
  • [FOX Sports] Perez brings power to Diamondbacks' bullpen - "We feel in our ballpark, power plays, not only with the bats but with the arms," Towers said "To have a power left-hander in our bullpen is something that we needed. It was an area that we wanted to upgrade. With the fastball and the braeking ball he has and the angle that he has, he's kind of like a left-handed (Brad) Ziegler with more power. It's power. It's arm slots. It's a guy who controls the running game. He's not just a situational left-hander."

And, elsewhere...

  • [ESPN LA] A Q&A on Australian baseball with ex-Dodger Craig Shipley - "With their two-game series at the historic Sydney Cricket Ground rapidly approaching, we thought we’d catch up with the perfect ambassador for Australian baseball, Craig Shipley. Not only was he the first Australian-born player in the modern era to compete in the major leagues, he broke in with the Dodgers. Oh, and he now works for the Diamondbacks, as a special assistant to general manager Kevin Towers. "
  • [The Roar] Cost of sports tickets catches fans offside - "Those that choose to attend Major League Baseball’s opening series in Sydney this month will be left with empty pockets, with the price of a ticket in the nosebleeds starting at $69 and premium seats behind the batter’s box going for $499 apiece. Compared to the ticket prices for the upcoming 2015 ICC Cricket World Cup, where the cheapest adult ticket is $20 and kids’ tickets available from as little as $5, it seems that the chance to see America’s pastime is out of reach for most Australians."
  • This just in: Giancarlos Stanton can hit a baseball
  • The minor league uniform madness continues, unabated. Dear heavens, will nobody think of the childr... Er, never mind...