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SnakeBytes: Blanked edition

Do we HAVE to mention yesterday's game? I'd really rather not. But if you insist, here are some post-game comments, a pic of the transformation in Sydney and news from LA that Greinke may have to skip the trip. Bet he's pleased about that.

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Rob Tringali


  • [] Homer aside, Corbin satisfied with first start - "I felt good," he said. "[Worked] both sides of the plate with my fastball fairly good, threw a changeup and got a good swing and miss on it, a couple of good sliders... I felt pretty strong," he said. "The other two live outings we had, the sim games, I kind of got a little tired and felt a little winded, and today I felt pretty good going out there for four."
  • [FOX Sports] - Third baseman Andy Marte made three nice plays at third base, highlighted when he went to his left to start a double play on Charlie Culberson's ground ball to end the sixth inning. "He is picking those, he has balance, and his arm is very accurate," Gibson said. ... Corbin, who had 208 1/3 innings in 2013, said he plans to back off his bullpens a little bit this season, perhaps even skipping one between the occasional start. "I think that can help you maybe pitch a little bit more innings and feel a little stronger in those outings in midseason and at the end of the season," Corbin said.

Other team news

  • It's already looking rather like a baseball field down under:
  • [AZ Central] New players could help Arizona Diamondbacks get over hump - "Maybe the Diamondbacks can be healthier. Maybe they can perform more in line with expectations. And maybe the players who excelled in 2013 — think Paul Goldschmidt and Patrick Corbin — can do so again. If those things happen, it’s not hard to see the off-season additions being enough to finally tip the Diamondbacks past the .500 mark that has frustrated them each of the past two years."
  • [ESPN] Mark Trumbo living large in left - He has been particularly attentive to making adjustments with his footwork to improve his throwing from left field. "I probably broke a few habits that need to be broken for me to be an everyday outfielder," Trumbo said. "More repetitions is going to equal more comfort." "He's a very good athlete, and he's very coachable," Kirk Gibson said. "You see something and talk to him, and two days later you don't have to retell him. He gets it."
  • [] Goldschmidt focuses on process, not results - "I just think the stats are the end result," he said. "But let's just use the 100 RBI thing as an example. I'm not thinking I need to have 100 RBIs. I'm thinking I need to have good at-bats; I need to make sure I'm fully concentrating. You break it down as small as you can into the things you can control. I think it makes it a little easier when you focus on that stuff."
  • [AZ Central] Owings moving around the diamond "Rather than just being stuck at one position and not getting as much playing time, it’s nice to get in wherever you can to get those at-bats," Owings said. "Wherever I can fit in, wherever I can play this spring and get some reps is good with me." Pennington: "To get to the big leagues, you’ll play anywhere. Versatility is an asset, especially as a National League team with moving parts … I think every infielder should tinker around with it at least a bit."

And, elsewhere

  • [LA Times] Zack Greinke's lingering calf problem puts focus on Hyun-Jin Ryu - "Greinke has canceled his Saturday bullpen session because of lingering problems with his right calf muscle, a development that reduces his chances of pitching in the Dodgers' season-opening series in Australia. Greinke strained the muscle Thursday in his first start of the exhibition season. He was removed from the game after making only four pitches. With Greinke's status uncertain, the Dodgers could start Hyun-Jin Ryu and Dan Haren in their two-game set." I wouldn't mind if they did.
  • ]] New data shows baseball managers when to replace the starting pitcher - "While managers sometimes seem to remove starting pitchers too hastily, they even more frequently stick with starting pitchers too long: The study finds that from the fifth inning on, in close games, pitchers who were left in games when the model recommended replacing them allowed runs 60 percent of the time, compared to 43 percent of the time overall. " Time to replace Gibby with an algorithm!
  • If you liked the minor-league bacon uniforms we mentioned the other day, the Toledo Mud Hens are having Ghostbusters uniforms for a game on May 30th, to mark the 30th anniversary of the movie. I now feel old: