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Diamondbacks avoid arbitration with Mark Trumbo

The D-backs will continue their streak of not going to arbitration for another year, as despite a big gap between them and Mark Trumbo, agreement has been reached.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

First reported by Jon Heyman (and a hat tip to TolkienBard for his Fanshot), the amount is said to be $4.8 million. That slightly favors Trumbo, who had submitted $5.85m as his bid, with the Diamondbacks countering at $3.4m - the midpoint would be $4.625, so Trumbo "wins" this by the odd $175,000 or so. I'm a little surprised to see this one going in the books so quickly, considering the gap was among the biggest of any of the arbitration-eligible crowd. But happy to see it's all done and dusted, and that none of our players will be reporting to spring training this year, with uncertain contract situations, potentially to distract them.

That's now 12 consecutive years without an arbitration hearing for Arizona, since Damian Miller won his case before the 2002 season. We'll see if any of the teams currently holding longer streaks than the Diamondbacks falter this spring, and see their runs snapped.

  • Cleveland - last hearing, 1991, Greg Swindell + Jerry Browne
  • St. Louis - 1999, Darren Oliver
  • Texas - 2000, Lee Stevens
  • Toronto - 1997, Bill Risley