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Parra, D'Backs Agree to 1-Year 4.85M Deal

The Diamondbacks have avoided arbitration with OF Gerardo Parra.


Already a busy day here at the Snakepit News Desk. After the announcement of the extensions of Towers and Gibson, it has been announced that the team and OF Gerardo Parra have agreed to a one-year deal worth $4.85M. 

Previously, the team and Parra had exchanged arbitration figures. Parra's clocked in at $5.2M and the team at $4.3M. If I am doing my math correctly, the $4.85M figure is slightly past the midpoint closer to Parra's figure.

Parra hit .268/.323/.406 last season with a career high 10 dingers. He also set career highs in walks and at-bats. He won his second career Gold Glove award as well.

This also keeps the Diamondbacks' streak of avoiding arbitration hearings alive. The only player left in the arbitration pool is Mark Trumbo. He filed at $5.85M and the team at $3.4M.