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Diamondbacks Extend Towers and Gibson

Reports came in today that the GM and Manager now have contracts beyond 2014.


Back in October, it had been reported that options for Kevin Towers and Kirk Gibson had not been picked, sparking speculation that this was a make or break year for the duo in the eyes of the D'Backs' brass.

So much for that possible narrative going into the season, eh?

As mentioned in the tweet above, the terms were not disclosed at the time, but it seems to be official, seeing how it came from the team's official twitter account. So, for now, it seems like both of their jobs are firmly safe through the rest of this year and probably beyond.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to avoid the comment section of this article like it was the site of a recent nuclear blast. Stay tuned to AZSnakepit for more details, such as the money and years involved, on this story.