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Snakepit Video Roundtable Episode 33: The Roundtabling

8 PM Arizona Time is when we will get this party re-started.

Greetings friends! I got better, and now we start the video roundtable anew. At 8 PM Arizona, we will start broadcasting using the magic of the Google+ Hangout. It's a live event, so you can do things like leave questions in the comments here and they can be answered!

Tonight we take a look back at the offseason, take a look forward to the season, and talk about whatever random tangents come up, as we are wont to do.

We will be broadcasting to you every Sunday until the end of the season at 8 PM, unless we decide not to at some point, but we haven't yet so you're all safe. Should you miss a live broadcast, you can always re-watch it in the video box above. You can always watch this and all previous episodes on the Snakepit YouTube Page, which also has other Diamondbacks related videos that you should check out.