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The SnakePit Video Roundtable Rides Again!

You asked for it, so it's been brought back for another season. Starting on Sunday, Clefo will be gently shepherding his crew of reprobates toward the camera for a weekly discussion of all things Diamondback. And probably quite a few things non-Diamondback as well...

If you remember back to last season's cliff-hanger finale, you'll remember the dramatic way in which it finished, with the rest of the panel left in stunned near-silence as Clefo apparently received a visit from... Well, that's what we've been waiting five months to find out, isn't it? All will be revealed at 8pm, Arizona time on Sunday night in the most eagerly anticipated opening episode, since the last time something had an eagerly anticipated opening episode.

I'm reliably informed there will be some new features on tap for this season, including special guests [*specialness not contractually guaranteed. Card subject to change] and other things. If you're not good, you may even end up seeing me on there, now I have a hard-wired Internet connection, rather than a wireless network which wheezes to a crawl any time someone says the word "Netflix." Apparently, if I do show up, I'm to be honored with something called a "Red Wedding." I don't know exactly what that is, but it sounds terribly exciting.

Anyway, to assist with planning, if you would care to come up with topics you'd like to see discussed, in the comments here, they can be seamlessly folded into proceedings, rather than leading to awkward pauses during the live broadcast, as Clefo scans the comments. We're also soliciting them on the Twitter, using the cool hashtag #AskSnakePit. Expect some awkward bumping of speakers over each other, as participants get back into quippy mid-season form, with some tentative stretching of metaphors and the occasionally mis-firing of the Pun-zooka.