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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball update

An off-day for the D-backs, so Salt River Fields will be empty, at least on the Arizona side. Still, gives us a chance to update you on some other stuff.

Paolo Bruno

Needed: one fantasy baseball commissioner

We've got blank_38 returning to handle one of the feeder leagues, but looks like we need someone to take care of the other. If anyone wants to do it, pipe up in the comments. It's not exactly taxing, but some organization is required - mostly beforehand, sending out invites to a list of emails I'll provide, scheduling a draft time, setting the league rules, etc.

Wanted: two new members for Division 1

As well as the winners of last year's feeder leagues being promoted, we have a couple of open slots in Division 1, due to previous members dropping out. I think the fairest way to allocate those is to the highest-placed 2013 finishers in the feeder leagues who express an interest. If you want one of these slots, reply in the comments with your team name and feeder league position. I'll give people until the end of the weekend, and the two highest-ranked entrants will get invited in to Division 1. If there's a tie, e.g. we get a runner-up and two third-place teams, I'll use SnakePit activity as the tie-breaker. This is open, whether or not you submitted your name in the original post last week.

Once these two things are taken care of, the feeder league commissioners should be able to start sending out invites to those - and we can re-open entries to fill up those leagues and even out numbers, as necessary.