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SnakeBytes: inflatable edition

Yeah, J.J. Putz is clearly in mid-season pranking form, filling the office of D-backs VP of Communications, Josh Rawitch, with balloons on Wednesday... Here's a round-up of the rest of the D-backs news. Might be quiet the rest of Friday, as it's an off-day for the team.

Scene of the crime Part 2: @joshrawitch office. #DbacksCSI
Scene of the crime Part 2: @joshrawitch office. #DbacksCSI
@BertDbacks, via Twitter


  • [] Future is now for Owings - "I'm an aggressive hitter," Owings said. "I like hitting fastballs. I like swinging the bat. I felt like last year, in the first half, I had only one or two off-days. And I feel like playing every day and getting those consistent at-bats and taking them how I should helped. I was having success, and obviously the confidence level that I was having made me see the ball better."
  • [ArizonaSports] Feeling good, Daniel Hudson just wants to return to the mound - "I feel great. The process is going awesome. Throwing program is going great. Arm feels awesome, and hopefully start taking a couple more baby steps here pretty soon.. It's going to be a mental hurdle I'm going to have to get over once I start really letting it go. When I was first getting in game situations last year everything was fine, and all of a sudden it just gave out again. I'm sure that thought's going to be in my mind."
  • [FOX Sports] Trumbo settles in quickly with new role, new team - "I haven't proven myself," Trumbo said. "People assume the worst, and I think a lot of people get (satisfaction from) their own opinions and their skepticism, and it's my job to go out there and play hard and prove that I can play the position. I know what I can do. I've found that if you go into something with apprehension you usually don't do too well, so I go in with the mindset that I'll absolutely do a great job."
  • [ArizonaSports] Delgado fine with bullpen role - "I've been a starter all of my life, so I would like to start. f they decide to send me to the bullpen it's OK. I don't have a problem with that."My job is just trying to pitch and get the outs. That's it. I feel pretty good (about remaining a Diamondback) if it's a starter or a reliever, I don't care. I just try to make good adjustments and then just pitch as hard as I can."


  • [] Video helps D-backs increase camp efficiency - "The fields are each equipped with three fixed cameras. One from behind home plate, the other from center field and the third in one of the dugouts to give a side view of the pitcher. After practice, the D-backs coaches are able to cue up any pitcher and watch those they may have missed live or want to look at further. The video is also available for pitchers if they want to review their performance."
  • [The Australian] Major League Baseball brings the Dodgers and the Diamondbacks to Sydney - an interesting view of the game from the outside, though one experts argues that baseball has no chance of becoming a major sport in Australia. "In nearly every country, the major sports that people play and watch regularly on TV are ones that were there when industrialisation, urbanisation and mass media created a national mass culture in the late-19th and early-20th centuries. There simply isn’t enough room in people’s minds and lives for new sports, especially given how strong cricket is in Australia."
  • [] What's new at Salt River Fields in 2014? - As well Sonoran Dogs, "Perhaps the most exciting addition is the Sonoran BBQ stand which offers beef brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken and a custom sauce bar that allows fans to create their own barbeque sauce concoction. Fans can also get fired up about the new "Flame Thrower" burger available at 101 Cattle Co. that features pepper jack cheese, fried jalapenos and chipotle salsa. Other new additions around the ballpark include a new Island Noodle location with a Gluten Free menu located along the first base side concourse."
  • Thursday was the first anniversary of the team being snowed out of spring training