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First Sports Book Over-Unders for 2014 MLB season

Reno is not just home to our Triple-A affiliate, it's also home to the first sports book to release the over-under bets for the 2014 season, at the Atlantic Casino. Take a wild stab as to where they've drawn the line for the Diamondbacks. Go on...

Hey, it IS a sports book...
Hey, it IS a sports book...
Paolo Bruno

Los Angeles Dodgers 92.5
Detroit Tigers 91.5
St. Louis Cardinals 90.5
Washington Nationals 90.5
Tampa Bay Rays 88.5
Boston Red Sox 87.5
Cincinnati Reds 87.5 (-115u)
Atlanta Braves 86.5
Oakland Athletics 86.5
San Francisco Giants 86.5
Texas Rangers 86.5
Kansas City Royals 85.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 85.5 (-115u)
Los Angeles Angels 84.5
New York Yankees 83.5
Cleveland Indians 82.5 (-115u)
Seattle Mariners 81.5
Arizona Diamondbacks 81
Baltimore Orioles 80.5
Milwaukee Brewers 78.5 (-115u)
Philadelphia Phillies 78
Toronto Blue Jays 77.5
Chicago White Sox 76.5 (-115u)
Colorado Rockies 76.5
San Diego Padres 76.5
New York Mets 71.5
Miami Marlins 66.5
Chicago Cubs 65.5
Minnesota Twins 65.5 (-115u)
Houston Astros 57.5

Oh, look. We're at exactly the same number of games we actually won each of the past two seasons. Not really push the boat out much there, are they. If this comes true, the NL post-season picture will shake down as the Reds taking on the Braves or Giants in the wild-card game, with the winner facing the Dodgers in the NLDS; the other NLDS game will be between the Cardinals and the Nationals. I'd be taking the under on those Giants: I'm not seeing San Francisco's off-season moves having made them 11 games better than they were last season. Conversely, I don't see the Yankees as being worse than they were in 2013.

Bear in mind, these are based more off money actually being wagered, and a desire to get a roughly-equal balance of bets below and above the line, than any actual statistical analysis. If you want those, I see the PECOTA projections, both team and individual, are also out, so I'll cover them in a day or two, since it looks like we now have our Opening Day players present at Salt River Fields. For now, which lines stand out in your mind as worth a wager? [H/T McCovey Chronicles]