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SnakeBytes: Position players - and Arroyo- ahoy!

Position players were scheduled to report for the Diamondbacks at Salt River Fields today, but the big name to actually show up was new Diamondback starter, Bronson Arroyo.

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Your daily (for today, at least!) Bronson

  • [MLB] Arroyo gives D-backs proven horse - "It's weird, definitely weird for me. I'm a routine freak. I'm wearing 1999 Kenny Lofton shoes [in games]. I'm still pitching with the glove I've had since the World Series in '04 and still carrying a flip phone. I don't do real well with change. I love something, and tend to stick with it for a long time.''
  • [Fox Sports] 'Routine freak' Arroyo embraces move to D-backs - In trying to explain his staying power, Arroyo credited the spacious shoulder he was born with -- "things aren't grinding against each other," he said -- and his relatively soft delivery. "Not having to pitch at max effort helps a lot, not having to go out there and feel like I've got to empty the tank every night, every pitch to get people out," Arroyo said. "I'm probably one of the slowest guys in Major League Baseball."
  • [Arizona Sports] Towers loves the depth Arroyo brings to D-backs' rotation - "He's a guy you can count on to go out and perform each and every fifth day he goes out there. He's got those long, loose limbs. He's got the leg kick, almost like Juan Marichal, and it looks like he's going to kick himself in the forehead. A lot of different arm slots, he's not going to overpower you, he's just sneaky. He just changes speeds. He's probably got three different speeds on his breaking ball, different angles, he'll drop down sidearm."

Your non-Arroyo Diamondbacks

  • [AZ Central] Ziegler juggles bullpen role, union duties - Seems to be some backtracking from Ziegler on his earlier Tweets about PEDs."Some of that was ignorance on my part. It honestly had nothing to do with Jhonny Peralta; it had nothing to do with the Cardinals. It was just kind of about the whole situation." All these guys in Biogenesis had beaten the testing system, If this article from the (Miami New Times) hadn’t come out, it would have never been an issue. With that being the case, we’ve got to fix the testing system first."
  • In case you missed it: Gibby's on Twitter!
  • [] Diamondbacks' veterans make team camaraderie a priority "It was the one thing that was really missing," pitcher Brandon McCarthy said. "We had a great group of individuals. There were no outliers, there wasn't any bad tension, it just wasn't that cohesive group that was all moving together. I think that's our focus. Not only the players but the coaching staff and the organization, we want everybody to be moving together on the same page."
  • [AZ Centra] Notes from Wednesday - lot of interesting stuff from Nick P, including Ken Kendrick on signing Biogenesis client, Cesar Cirillo. "I think there’s a difference in a reward for cheating and maybe somebody getting a second chance. If you look at a minor league guy who’s making little to no money and he maybe has made a mistake and is still a young guy, does his life in baseball end or does maybe he get another opportunity? I’m one who believes in opportunity, in a second chance for people. To financially reward with a substantial increase in pay and a long-term commitment to a player, that’s not something we’re going to participate in. I think they’re very different."
  • [] Ross gets green light for all camp activities - His doctor "just kept giving me the green light to push it a little further and push it a little further. I saw him yesterday and he gave me free rein to do everything. That's a nice feeling when you go into a doctor and he says, 'Go for it. Go until you can't go anymore.'" Ross is optimistic about being ready for the D-backs' home opener March 31 against the Giants, and he has not ruled out playing in the Opening Series against the Dodgers.
  • [AZ Central] Goldschmidt’s deal looking smarter by day for Diamondbacks Derrick Hall: "If we need to make adjustments, and if he continues to perform this way — and there’s no reason to think he won’t — we’ll consider that. There’s different ways we could do it. We could add on. We could tear it up and start over. The beautiful thing about Goldy is that he’s happy. He’s not one to say he could be getting more or shouldn’t have signed that deal. He doesn’t feel that way. That says a lot about him. He’s an amazing kid."

And elsewhere in baseball...