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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball Rides Again

With position players reporting to camp for the Diamondbacks today, it's time to crank up the SnakePit Fantasy League for its tenth season. Doesn't time fly?

Yes, I know it's rugby. It's about the first thing to come up when I searched for "trophy," so will do!
Yes, I know it's rugby. It's about the first thing to come up when I searched for "trophy," so will do!
Jason Oxenham

Invitations have been sent out to the top 12 finishers in Division 1 last season, so they can enter the fray once more. The two winners of Divisions 1-A and 1-B are also eligible to take part in the championship league, so they should pipe up in the comments, and I'll send them their invitations [they'll go to the email address on file for your SB Nation profile, so make sure that's accurate!] Depending on how many of the eligible Division 1 teams return, there may be vacancies for the runners-up, but that's by no means certain. We'll see how it goes.

As usual, Division 1-A (and 1-B, if there's enough interest) will be open enrollment. I can't even remember who we had running them last year, and a quick search of email shows no particular info, but I seem to recall the commissioners did some kind of fantasy manager draft, then some fiddling was needed to ensure we had an equal number in each league. It'll probably be something similar this season. But the main thing is, to speak up in the comments if you're interested in taking part in a free league,. and we'll fit in as many D-backs fans as possible. As above, make sure the email address on file for your account is accurate.

Leagues are standard head-to-head, with the usual five hitting categories (HR, RBI, BA, SB and R) and five pitching categories (W, Sv, K, ERA and WHIP). Drafts tend to be live, exact dates and times, along with other, league specific settings will be worked out by the league commissioners. However, since the season starts early - the D-backs opening series in Australia will be rolled in to Week 1, which thus runs from March 22 to April 6 - drafts will probably be somewhere from March 9-16.

Any questions, comments, etc. please feel free to post in the comments too.