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Diamondbacks and the Winter Meetings: Day 2 Round-up

Well, that was exciting, wasn't it? Miguel Montero leaves Arizona. Not unexpected, but still a day we'll remember for a while, I think. Let's round up the fallout and a few other bits and pieces, in case you weren't living in our open thread today!

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports
The Montero move

David Ross is a possible target, according to NESN, who say that we, along with the Padres, Braves and Red Sox are reported to be interested in the veteran catcher.

Interestingly, it appears according to Jeff Passan that the Cubs are now looking to trade Welington Castillo, which is a surprise since the two would appear to have made a nice platoon. Maybe we can take him off their hands? Anyway. I'll leave the actual articles for our SnakeByter tomorrow morning!

And elsewhere

Bob Elliott of the Toronto Sun writes, "Earlier this off-season, the Jays talked trade with the Arizona Diamondbacks, asking about right-hander Wade Miley and outfielder Mark Trumbo. The Jays wanted Miley (8-12, 4.34 in 33 starts, 2011/3 innings) as an upgrade for their rotation. They wanted Trumbo (.235 average, 14 homers, 61 RBIs) to flip to Seattle to acquire Michael Saunders. Arizona wanted young pitching in return."

The Dallas Morning News's Evan Grant quotes a major league source as saying "the Rangers have engaged in talks with Arizona about acquiring a starting pitcher," after talks with other teams came to nothing. Wade Miley's name is mentioned in particular, and Grant reckons the Diamondbacks "would likely ask for a package that starts with either pitcher Alex "Chi-Chi" Gonzalez, Jake Thompson or catching prodigy Jorge Alfaro." Trevor Cahill's name is also mentioned, as a "potential fallback."

The Dodgers are interested in trading Dee Gordon. Hmm. If only we didn't already have someone under contract until the heat death of the universe. Still no firm news on where Jon Lester might land, but the current leading whisper appears to be that the Cubs are the front-runners, so Miggy will have him to work with next year [as well as, I forgot to mention, being reunited with Edwin Jackson - the pair were the battery for a no-hitter during their time with Arizona] A certain former D-back pitcher, as yet unsigned, appears somewhat annoyed at the delay.

Oh, Brandon... Never change!