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2015 Hall of Fame Ballot - place your votes

The Hall of Fame are picking their class for 2015 - but who does the SnakePit think should go in?

Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images

Below, you'll find the list of players on this year's BBWAA ballot. First, you have to fill in your SnakePit username - this is required, simply to prevent multiple voting and ballot-stuffing - or rampant McCarthyism as it's known [yep, particularly in case this gets picked up by Yahoo, and there's a sudden surge of foreigners...] You then simply check the boxes beside the names of those you feel worthy of inclusion and click the submission button. If you want some data on the candidates, this page should be helpful. Note: I won't be enforcing the 10 name maximum applied by the BBWAA, so if you think more are deserving, have at it.

If you wish, you can provide your list of choices in the comments, with an explanation as to your reasoning, but that's entirely up to you. We'll give this one a week or so to gently marinate, and I'll then report back on the results. in plenty of time before the "real" results are announced on January 7. We'll probably also take a closer look at the specific credentials of those on this year's ballot with Diamondbacks' connections. There are four former players and a coach present, with varying claims to Cooperstown.