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Snake Bytes 12/3: Everybody Gets a Contract!

The Arizona Diamondbacks have tendered contracts to all six of their arbitration eligible players.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Quick Quotes

"The guy has potential game-changing power. At a time when power and offense are getting harder and harder to come by, he's got it."

-Unidentified MLB scout on Yasmani Tomas

"I guess I was just kinda determined to make every start and try to help the team get to the playoffs. It didn't end up working out."

-Jeremy Hellickson on pitching through injury in 2013

Diamondback Digest

Diamondbacks Tender all Six Eligible Players

The Diamondbacks have agreed to tender contracts to all six arbitration eligible players on the roster. Short of a trade, this will significantly further increase payroll moving into 2015.

Tomas has "Real" Power

Jack Magruder examines what sort of player the Diamondbacks may be getting in Yasmani Tomas.

Jeremy Hellickson Looking to Rebound

After limping to the finish in 2013 and then missing 2014 due to injury, Jeremy Hellickson hopes to revitalize his career in Arizona.

Around MLB

Torii Hunter Goes Home

Torii Hunter has signed a one-year deal with the Minnesota Twins, the team that drafted him 20th - all the way back in 1993.

Reasons for the Shortage of Right-Handed Power

Dave Cameron takes a look at the current dearth of right-handed power hitting in the league