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2014 AZ SnakePit awards: Play of the year

It was the best of seasons, it was the wor... Nah, it was pretty much the worst of seasons. But there were still some pretty good moments. Here are five of the best, and the full stop at the end. Hey, things must will probably should, dammit, are hopefully going to be better next year,. right?

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Here are the six contenders from which you can choose. There are two outstanding offensive plays, two definitive defensive plays,. one bit of base-running brilliance, and the final out of the season, The last-named was added as the result of a suggestion by Fangdango, as an acknowledgement of the horrors which defined the season just finished. But will that bit of counter-programming be enough to steal the limelight away from the most positive candidates? That would be what the poll at the bottom is for... Voting will close in 48 hours time on Saturday,

April 29: Chris Owings diving grab in foul territory vs. Rockies

July 9: Paul Goldschmidt walk-off two-run double vs. Marlins

August 8: David Peralta steals home vs. Rockies

August 29: Jake Lamb's go-ahead grand-slam vs. Rockies

September 5: Didi Gregorius throw from deep in the hole vs.

September 28: Peralta puts the season to sleep