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D-backs to re-sign Jordan Pacheco

If you asked Santa for a backup catcher/first-baseman - and I think at least one SnakePitter had that on her list! - then you will be happy with what's under the tree this Christmas morning.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Pacheco was picked up off waivers from the Colorado Rockies in June this year, and hit a credible .272 for the Diamondbacks thereafter, in 47 games and 85 plate-appearances. However, there wasn't much power (ISO of  .049) and his K:BB ratio was 17:3, resulting in an overall OPS+ of 73, more or less in line with his career norms. We didn't seem to be very interested in using him as a catcher, Pacheco making starts mostly at first but also seeing time at second and third. Given the current roster, he'll likely have the chance to occupy that spot in 2015, with no obvious back-up for Paul Goldschmidt at first.

And while I'm here, a merry Christmas to one and all. I hope you have a happy, safe and enjoyable festivity of choice. Me, I'll be raiding the fridge for left-overs from last night's family get-together in 3...2...1... [Nomnomnom]