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Hello, my name is: Mark Trumbo

The slugger was the prized acquisition of the previous offseason, but did he live up to expectations?

How this works

Every other day, from now through to Christmas, we'll open up discussion on a particular player who made a meaningful contribution to the 2014 Diamondbacks. [I've drawn the line at 125 PA or 20 innings] There will be two sections. Firstly, a poll where you rate them from 5 ("Highly satisfied") down to 1 ("Very dissatisfied"): it's entirely up to you what criteria you use for the number. Secondly, the comments below, where you can talk about the reasons for your vote, etc. Things to discuss include, but are not limited to:

  • Pre-season expectations
  • 2014 performance: strengths and weaknesses, etc.
  • Health and other mitigating factors
  • How they'll help the team in 2015, their role, etc.

Three days down the line, we'll collate the votes, calculate a final average score, and write up the consensus of SnakePit thought into an appraisal. Here is a quick overview of today's candidate for your consideration.

Mark Trumbo - OF/1B

  • DOB:1/16/1986
  • 2014 Salary: $4,800,000
  • 2014 performance:.235/.293/.415. 14 HR, 61 RBI, 28 BB, 89 K, 2 SB, 3 CS, 95 OPS+
  • 2014 value: bWAR: -1.1 fWAR: -1.3

Trumbo was acquired on December 11, 2013 from the Angels for Tyler Skaggs (Adam Eaton went to the White Sox in the same deal.) Went on the Disabled List with a foot fracture on April 24th and did not return until July. Had a big Home Run surge at the start of the season (7 HR in March/April) and at the end (6 in September/October), but only one in between then. Became the defacto starting First Baseman when Paul Goldschmidt was injured. Was announced earlier in the offseason that he would be the starting Right Fielder in 2015. Has been the subject of some trade rumors, but nothing concrete has surfaced as of time of writing.