Did idle gossip hurt Wade Miley's trade value ?

"Hey, did you hear about Wade?" - Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In his most recent article Nick Piecoro writes about Wade Miley's reaction to rumors and scuttle but about his work ethic and eating habits.

My focus here is not about Miley's reaction to it. It's about the fact that this is the message that got out in the first place.

for weeks leading up to the deal, there were indications the Diamondbacks weren't happy with something about Miley's work habits and/or preparation. The team's concerns swirled through enough baseball circles that they eventually made their way to Miley himself.

We've been through this before of course. Even when it's not intentional in an effort to win some misguided PR battle, alot of times things like this get out. People gossip and talk among friends. Baseball people are people too. Baseball is an extremely fraternal and close knit community in a lot of ways. It's no surprise that something like this would get circulated.

However I hope that TLR is able to instill greater discipline than we have seen in the past in this regard. Everyone in the organization from the top down needs to be singing from the same song sheet when it comes to discussing players outside the organization. There is simply no positive upside to negative information about a player "swirling through baseball circles". It certainly won't help the player or the relationships within the team if the player stays, and it definitely won't help trade value if looking to move that player.

The organization needs a strict policy on this, and they need to lead from example, from the TOP down. That means that KK, DH, TLR, DS need to have the highest standards when it comes to not gossiping about players, and they need to instill the that culture all the way through the organization.

Thats my two cents.