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Snake Bytes: 12/17 - There's Almost News Edition

Plenty of stories seem to be on the brink of breaking, but nothing is official yet in this quiet lull immediately following the winter meetings.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Stories of the Moment

What's Wrong with Wil Myers?

After 201, the young outfielder was ranked the 4th-best prospect in baseball. Now, before his 25th birthday, the young slugger is on the verge of playing for his third team.

White Sox Unveil New Trio

The Chicago White Sox were aggressive this winter. On Tuesday, they showed off the fruits of their labours.

Team Projections and Last Season's Stats

Some WAR-work by the folks over at Fangraphs

Chris Davis Gets Exemption

Baltimore Orioles slugging first baseman/designated hitter, Chris Davis, has received a therapeutic use exemption for his Adderall.