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SnakePit 2015 Hall of Fame Voting: The results

The ballots are counted, the numbers crunched, and I'm holding an envelope with the final results. Who'd make it into Cooperstown, if the SnakePit ran things?

Norm Hall/Getty Images

43 ballots were turned in - the requirement for each to be "signed" with the SnakePit username helped ensure there was not the influx of "foreigners" we've seen with some ballots this off-season! I'm not entirely certain all the usernames provided were legit, but I erred on the site of charity, and so didn't actually toss any ballots out of the final standings. If we use the same guidelines as the BBWAA, and set the line for qualification at three-quarters, that means players need 33 votes to qualify for this summer's induction, which will take place at SnakePit Towers [or a nearby Chuck E. Cheese, I haven't decided yet].

And, without further ado, these are the results.

Player Votes %
Randy Johnson 43 100%
Pedro Martínez 40 93%
Craig Biggio 32 74%
John Smoltz 31 72%
Jeff Bagwell 30 70%
Mike Piazza 27 63%
Curt Schilling 27 63%
Barry Bonds 26 60%
Roger Clemens 23 53%
Alan Trammell 21 49%
Edgar Martínez 16 37%
Tim Raines 16 37%
Mike Mussina 12 28%
Mark McGwire 10 23%
Fred McGriff 9 21%
Gary Sheffield 7 16%
Larry Walker 7 16%
Lee Smith 6 14%
Jeff Kent 5 12%
Sammy Sosa 5 12%
Nomar Garciaparra 4 9%
Don Mattingly 4 9%
Pete Rose (write in) 2 4%
Tony Clark 1 2%
Carlos Delgado 1 2%
Eddie Guardado 1 2%
Rich Aurilia 0 0%
Jermaine Dye 0 0%
Darin Erstad 0 0%
Cliff Floyd 0 0%
Brian Giles 0 0%
Tom Gordon 0 0%
Troy Percival 0 0%
Jason Schmidt 0 0%

I'm delighted to welcome Randy Johnson and Pedro Martinez, as the inaugural class of 2015. The Big Unit becomes a unanimous choice - and, frankly, I wouldn't have it any other way. Just about everyone did decide to Vote For Pedro, but he was not named on three ballots, though still cruises in with a very solid 93% approval rate. In a weird echo of last year's actual ballot, Craig Biggio just missed out on joining them, falling one vote short of the necessary quorum: he got 74.8% of the BBWAA vote in 2014, and 74.4% of the SnakePit vote here. Better luck next time, Craig.

I was quite surprised to see John Smoltz also left on the outside, falling two votes short, with Jeff Bagwell one behind him. The latter came closer here than to Cooperstown, where he managed 54.3% of the votes last time. However, Piazza's numbers with the SnakePit collective were very similar to those with the BBWAA (62.8% vs. 62.2%). Bonds and Clemens got majorities, with participants here clearly more forgiving of their transgressions than the BBWAA (both got around 35%), but still ended some way short of making it. We're not that forgiving...

Be interesting to see what happens on the real ballot, which is due to be announced on January 6. Will they be as stingy with their 75% as we were?