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Diamondbacks and the Winter Meetings, Day 4

I will not sit in front of the computer all day, refreshing Twitter... I will not sit in front of the computer all day, refreshing Twitter... I will not sit in front of the computer all day, refreshing Twitter...

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So, still no official word on a Wade Miley trade, which still appears hung up on the question of the third prospect the Diamondbacks want from Boston. I've heard we submitted a list of three to them, and they countered with a list of three others, none of which we wanted. Negotiations continue to try and find some kind of middle-ground, but until that happens, we will leave the question-mark on the end of our story about the trade! Maybe the Marlins or Rangers will swoop in with an increased bid at the last minute...

This morning, at 10am Arizona time, we see the Rule 5 draft. Arizona has the first choice [thank you, Tankapalooza!], and has an open slot on the roster, so we certainly have the chance to take a player. Earlier this morning, Steven wrote up the draft, talking in more detail about the possible choices, so it probably makes most sense to add any comments in there. One thing to note: if the Miley trade (2-for-1 plus a prospect) went through, that would appear to put our 40-man roster back up at 40, without any room for an additional player. Perhaps this may explain the delay in consummating the trade? According to Chris Cotillo of MLB Daily Dish, it won't be announced until the weekend:

Dave Stewart spoke to AZ Central's Zach Buchanan, and said that Dioner Navarro and Alex Avila are possible trade candidates, to fill the yawning hole left at the catcher's spot, after the departure of Miguel Montero. However, the bullpen appears to be off-limits as far as trade chips are concerned, which would seem to suggest perhaps an outfielder being used for this purpose? Either catcher mentioned would be a place-holder for prospect Peter O'Brien: "They're one-year guys, which would allow us, if we need to, to give O'Brien a little more time to mature and learn his job."

But overnight, the big splash has to be the Dodgers trading Matt Kemp to the Padres. Well, there was a lot more to it than that: The Padres send Yasmani Grandal, Joe Wieland and Zach Eflin to the Dodgers, and get back Kemp, Tim Federowicz and money reported to be around $30 million. Los Angeles has certainly been one of the most active teams this week, with news yesterday that they have apparently also signed former Diamondback Brandon McCarthy to a four-year deal worth $48 million, so he has gone from one Evil Empire to the other. Clearly no taste in teams. #Unfolllow #Block

We'll be here, reporting on all non-Rule 5 news, as it happens...