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Diamondbacks and the Winter Meetings, Day 3

On we roll into another day of excitement. Will the D-backs make any further moves today? Elsewhere, we can cross one big name off the free-agent list.

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Doug Pensinger/Getty Images
Miley next on the block?

The chatter overnight seems mostly to focus around the possibility of the team trading Wade Miley. [Note to self: do not just search Twitter for "Miley", and expect to get any significant baseball content...]

Well, they probably don't need to trade him if that's their goal. currently estimates our 2015 payroll at $85.4m - admittedly, that's not including Tomas, but he's only due $2 million next year. Anyway, who might be interested? Boston and Miami appears commonly mentioned.

We should certainly also add the Rangers to the list, with Evan Grant of the Dallas Morning News providing a bit more depth than 140 characters to their interest."The latest, most serious talks to progress, but without a resolution, have been with Arizona, according to two major league sources. The Rangers have discussed left-hander Wade Miley, who is entering his first season of arbitration. At one point, they were optimistic a deal would come together, but the structure apparently changed early on Tuesday and by late in the day it had to be reformed."

What now?

Updating a list from last week:

  1. Clear shortstop logjam
  2. Get out from under Miggy's contract
  3. Deal surplus outfielders
  4. Improve our starting rotation significantly

According to Stewart [H/T James in this morning's SnakeBytes], the team may be done, in particular for #4. "It'll be a better market next year. I'd like to see where we're going to end up. Let's see where we are once we get out of spring training. I think we're going to be a better team." He also downplayed the need to acquire a left-handed bat, even though the departure of Montero leaves David Peralta and his eight home-runs last year as our biggest power threat from that side. So, translating from Stewartish, this means Mark Trumbo will be dealt for a starting pitcher and southpaw slugger by the end of the day, then...

And, elsewhere...

Jon Lester will be a Cub, having signed a contract for six years and $155 million, the second-highest per year rate of any current pitcher, trailing only Kershaw. I think the Cubs may be a genuine World Series threat - maybe not this year, or the next, but certainly once their stacked farm system comes through. A nice link between this and the above, I was amused by this reaction. Or, rather, a reaction to a reaction: