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Nominations: 2014 Diamondbacks most important hit

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Any suggestions for the best offensive moment of the 2014 campaign?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

We're going to focus on 6 main categories. For each of these, the first stage is a post where we open nominations for the category - while we've got our own ideas for candidates, you can suggest others that were missed, and the number of "recs" received will factor into the final choice. The next stage, starting the following day, is a poll for the top 4-5 choices, which will decide the SnakePit winner.  A committee of qualified individuals from  the mothership will select nominees from the team site winners and host a nationwide vote for each category.

The categories, and schedule for the nominations post, are as follows, with a link to the actual poll. The nationwide polls will follow in the second half of November.

2014 Diamondbacks most important hit

First things first: no, Paul Goldschmidt being hit by the Pirates is not eligible in this category. By hit, we mean the good kind. I'm not sure we could really claim any of these as "important", in the sense that they didn't propel the team to the post-season, or anywhere except the #1 draft pick next year. But there were still some to enjoy...

  • April 30: Miguel Montero walk-off homer vs. Rockies
  • May 26: A.J. Pollock walk-off homer vs. Padres
  • May 28: Paul Goldschmidt 470ft bomb vs. Padres
  • July 9: Paul Goldschmidt walk-off come-from-behind two-run double vs. Marlins
  • August 29: Jake Lamb's go-ahead grand-slam for his first HR vs. Rockies
  • September 15: Mark Trumbo's go-ahead slam off Ryan Vogelsong vs. Giants

Others that appealed? Any of the above not seem worthy? The vote will come tomorrow, and I should be able to dig out videos for each of these. As with the defensive plays, this will also be a "primary". with the top vote-getters going on as nominees for the Pitties, where we have a single category for 'Play of the Year'.