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Poll: 2014 Diamondbacks defensive play

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Here are the seven best bits of glove-work by the Diamondbacks this season. Which is your favorite?

Norm Hall

No-one came up with any alternative suggestions or even had any comments, so I guess I get to claim a papal level of infallibility in regard to this category! Woo-hoo! There's not really much in the way of comments that need to be added to any of these, but I think they do have a nice range: outfield leaps and dives, infield snares and strong throws, and even a miraculous tag at home-plate. As the season gurgled down the plughole, it gradually became the case that individual plays like these were one of the few sources of pleasure from the 2014 season, so it's nice to give them their due!

Chris Owings, 4/29

A.J. Pollock, 5/20

Tuffy Gosewisch, 5/25

Martin Prado, 6/8

Ender Inciarte, 7/19

David Peralta, 7/28

Didi Gregorius, 9/5