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Snake Pit Appraisals: Didi Gregorius

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How did the SnakePit community feel Didi Gregorius stacked up in 2014?

oh come on guys i'm not that bad
oh come on guys i'm not that bad
Denis Poroy
  • Honestly as skillful as his defense set is his hitting ability is questionable. - AzRattler
  • He is the definition of "Meh". Except that the Dutch royalty has knighted him, so I suppose he is "Sir Meh." - TylerO
  • He can be valuable enough at SS. 102 wRC+ vs RHP in career so far. - shoewizard
  • Seems like his future might end up being a Pennington type super infield utility guy.- TucsonTim
  • Defensively I thought he was fantastic, better than the metrics indicate. - fangdango
  • He has been what everyone except KT thought he was - Edwong81
  • The metrics don’t reflect it, but his glove seemed vastly overrated. - preston.salisbury
  • His batting performance this year was basically a continuation of last year, after his hot start. - xmet
  • (His batting) Rebounded a bit at the end of the year, but still his bat wasn’t very impressive at all. - JoeCB1991
  • I don’t see him as an everyday player unless his bat improves. - xmet
Towards 2015
  • He can always get better, but at this point it looks like he will remain a glove first SS with some decent power but still not much of a hitter at all. - JoeCB1991
  • I’m hopeful that Hale’s high energy style will be a better fit for a high energy player like Gregorius. It will be important that he does because I think next season is a pivotal season for him. - fangdango
  • Needs to hit a little better to provide meaningful value, and I think there’s a decent chance he’ll do that. - Diamondhacks
  • Gregorius has all the tools to be a very good MLB middle infielder, but he seems to continually only get about 80% out of any of his tools at any given time. - James Attwood
Comment of the Thread

The tally:
  • 5 - Highly satisfied: 4%
  • 4 - Fairly satisfied: 19%
  • 3 - Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied: 33%
  • 2 - Somewhat dissatisfied: 38%
  • 1 - Very dissatisfied: 7%

With an average of 2.75, I think that's just about right for a player like Didi. Just like the trade that brought him here, Didi Gregorius has underperformed. While he's been essentially a league average hitter against RHP with a 102 wRC+, the 33 wRC+ against LHP is atrocious. Another issue is inconsistent defense. If you watched Didi play defense on any given day, you would either see an amazing play or maddening inconsistency and that really sums up Didi Gregorius. Great player one day, a completely different one the next. I'm intrigued as to what the team does with it's glut of middle infielders. They all deserve to start as that's really the best way to solve most of the issues they have, but with Aaron Hill looking to rebuild value after a disastrous 2014, starting positions are slim. Luckily for them there are 29 other teams, and with a dearth of free-agent options, the D-backs should have quite a few offers to choose from for either Didi or Owings. I expect one of them to be traded before we reach Spring Training.

The Scoreboard
  1. Josh Collmenter: 4.71 (151 votes)
  2. Paul Goldschmidt: 4.64 (168)
  3. Chase Anderson: 4.18 (161)
  4. Eury de la Rosa: 3.63 (91)
  5. Tuffy Gosewisch: 3.5 (113)
  6. Didi Gregorius: 2.75 (106)
  7. Mike Bolsinger: 2.67 (117)
  8. Bronson Arroyo: 2.63 (125)
  9. Randall Delgado: 2.25 (122)
  10. Trevor Cahill: 1.07 (147)