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Nominations: 2014 D-backs most regrettable moment

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There may not have been much to laugh about in 2014, but was there more to regret? What moments made you cringe into your seat on the couch?

Norm Hall

We're going to focus on 6 main categories. For each of these, the first stage is a post where we open nominations for the category - while we've got our own ideas for candidates, you can suggest others that were missed, and the number of "recs" received will factor into the final choice. The next stage, starting the following day, is a poll for the top 4-5 choices, which will decide the SnakePit winner.  A committee of qualified individuals from  the mothership will select nominees from the team site winners and host a nationwide vote for each category.

The categories, and schedule for the nominations post, are as follows, with a link to the actual poll. The nationwide polls will follow in the second half of November.

  • Nov 3rd: Funniest moment
  • Nov 5th: Most regrettable moment
  • Nov 7th: Defensive play
  • Nov 10th: Most important hit
  • Nov 12th: Pitching Appearance
  • Nov 14th: non-Diamondback Team of the year
2014 Diamondbacks most regrettable moment
  • March 22: Operation Trumbo Drop commences
  • June 9: Trevor Cahill designated for assignment
  • August 1: Goldschmidt is broken
  • August 2: McCutchen is McPlunked
  • September 19: 15-3 clubbing in Colorado

I am sure there are more, so speak up in the comments if you think of something which I missed. And, no: "the entire 2014 season" is probably not a valid option in this poll - even if it is probably the most accurate answer, considering the team's worst campaign in a decade was just about entirely regrettable. Also, note: this is not a thread to discuss the merits of the candidates. That would be the poll thread tomorrow. This is just to see if you can come up with any other nominees. Thank you for your co-operation.